questionscan anyone recommend a good shower head?


I realize you're looking quite a bit higher end, but I gotta say, we're enjoying the Dream Spa Handheld Shower I got during the last woot-off, especially since it only cost me $7.51 (free shipping and a $5 coupon).

Though I need to modify the water restrictor in it: it isn't quite strong enough with the restrictor in it, but without it is is way too strong.


Are you looking for a massage shower head? Working in a hardware store I can tell you that there is no reason to pay $100 for one. You can easily find one for <$50.


@jsimsace, @baqui63: I guess I worded that poorly. That's more like my limit. I appreciate any suggestions.


ANY of the Peerless ones are FANTASTIC! I just bought one for my apartment and bought a different one for my GFs house. Both of them are incredible. Great feel and pressure, both have massage and at least 4 settings. Both are hand showers, one with a fixed head and detachable. These are just awesome

I also hear good things about the dreamspa ones Woot keeps pawning, you should check the forums and get a lot more opinions there too.

EDIT: I have to agree with @baqui63 on the restrictor thing. It makes a significant difference, especially in older homes.


I got the same shower head as @baqui63 above when it was a regular woot. I love it.


I agree with @the18thtee84:
We got a Peerless from Walmart with a lifetime warranty 10 years ago and had the thing replaced 2 times via the manufacture. Once it was due to hard water and the other the hose gave up.

Not bad for having 2 kids who drop the thing all the time.