questionsbest place to buy men's dress shoes?


I have a pair of Dr. Martens that I bought back in 2003 that I still wear from time to time. You're probably already thinking of the boots everyone wore about 15 years ago. They actually make all sorts of styles nowadays. They're really comfortable, polish up well and look nice as well. They also happen to fall into your price range. As a bonus, they will last you a very long time

Check at your local shoe stores to see if they carry them or not. Here, I've had to start looking at places like Journey's to find them

EDIT: You may want to check out their site under the Refined line:


I bought a pair of Florsheim shoes from a sponsored deal a few months ago. They were relatively cheap (around $80 I think). They are very comfortable and surprisingly lightweight. I have large feet so buying shoes from a brick and mortar store usually isn't an option.


Surprisingly, has a some nice dress

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I'm not sure where you live but, I exclusively shop at Gabriel Brothers or DSW for dress shoes. I have purchased at least two dozen pairs over the years. Both are similar to TJMaxx or Marshalls if you are not familiar. You can find them here,

You can score a NICE pair of dress shoes at a rock-bottom price! GB's is more hit-n-miss than DSW but you often get a better deal there.

Some of the designers I've purchased in the past include; Kenneth Cole, ECCO, Bostonian, and Florsheim. I've never paid more than $50 a pair. Oh and their selection is not limited to only dress shoes. Work boots, dress boots, athletic shoes, slippers, and semi-dress shoes; all have been purchased from these stores.


@jimmyd103: thanks! I do have a DSW close to me and forgot to check them out...


I also suggest checking DSW for the best prices. My spouse was looking for a pair (or two, really) in the same price range as you - wound up going with Kenneth Cole? Seems pretty happy, says they aren't uncomfortable and to me, they look expensive and stylish/classic. Was poking around before he shopped, found this list of the "top men's shoe brands" ( and ZOMG the prices! ONE pair of John Lobb shoes is something like $5k! I did notice Kenneth Cole and Florsheim are on the list too though, so you've got options...


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