questionsstar trek tos or tng?


I knew you were going to do this after you responded to me.

Me (wait, am I You in this equation?)


Without a doubt, TNG. Picard

Kirk took too many risks and managed his crew like a dictator

Picard did take risks but not like Kirk. Picard managed his crew like a true leader. He would ask them for advice on how to get out of a situation and then pick a solution the say, "Make it so."


@curtisuxor: hehehe, yeah, it seemed like the right question to ask. If only to get a census of wooters


@kitcatbrat: Particularly since no has thought of asking this question previously.


This is weird... but
my vote is TNG love the series
and William Shatner love the actor.


Definitely TNG.

Funny timing, I think there was just another thread about TNG, but the question was really cryptic so I'm still not sure. But here's my guess of which TNG episode was being asked about.


TNG, totally. I loved the movies from TOS, but Picard kicks old Kirk's ass. New Kirk, well, we'll have to see.


Overall, TNG. TOS had moments of brilliance and must be acknowleged for being so groundbreaking. That having been said, TNG had better writing, better stories (for the most part), and better acting.

Of, course the fact that I shave my head and am currently drinking tea, hot, Earl Grey shouldn't alter the value of my opinion.

Paramount (and mad props for them for doing this) is actually going ahead and remastering TNG for high definition. Since the series was shot on film, then transferred to SD video for editing, this requires going back and finding the original footage, fixing it, re-editing, remastering the sound, and then completely redoing all effects. There are 3 episodes (Encounter at Farpoint, Sins of the Father, The Inner Light) currently available for 15 bucks:


How can you even pick? Each and every actor and series brought something different and unique to the Star Trek universe. Just think of it as one big happy/dysfunctional family.


@wilfbrim: Well said. Overall, TNG for sure, but must tip the cap to TOS for being groundbreaking and setting the table for TNG to follow.


TNG, especially after late season 2 when it really got going. There were some high points in the first two seasons, but there were also some real craptastic lowlights ("The Naked Now" or the episode on the paradise planet where Wesley is sentenced to death after picking the wrong flower).


@theoneill555: I agree, they're both very different in their own way. It's hard to compare them.

I watched TOS a few years ago and loved it. Then I started watching TNG and hated that it was so serious and was all discussion. As I went on, I appreciated it for what it was instead of comparing, and I now like it more than TOS. BUT when it comes to the movies I prefer TOS.

Picard was a better captain technically and I'd probably rather have him in charge if it were me, but Kirk was laid back and his Enterprise seemed more fun... hard to pick one.


I might be shot for this but I was a Voyager fan.

I grew up with it and always waited for the new episode. Oddly I never got into Deep Space 9.


TNG good, but basically a talk fest every week and except for Riker and occasionally Picard, they whined their way through things. As for Picard vs. Kirk, how many lights would Kirk have seen when being tortured by the Romulans?


TNG all the way. I never wanted to sleep with Kirk, but i was in love with Picard. Plus TNG was my generation, so that probably has a lot to do with it. Like with Dr. Who- the 70's Who will be the only Who to me :-)


Definite proof TOS better than STNG

TOS - Enterprise built on Earth (IOWA)

STNG - Enterprise outsourced to Mars


DS9 was my favorite of all the series. Sure it started off slow, but give it a chance. The space station setting allowed the characters to grow so much. Problems didn't go away at the end of an episode.

They're all on Netflix, definitely start watching if you can!