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Yes, I think this whole complaining about woot broken record is why we're pretty much getting ignored now. They've done nothing but continue going the direction we've all complained about. I pretty much just stick to deals.woot now. I'm also tired of the "I'm sorry you feel that way, but this is how Woot is now" canned response from the mods.

I'm sure anyone thats been around a while will agree with you. I can't figure out whats up with these outragous accessories (or other crap for that matter) either. What the hell happened to woot's buyers? How many of those watches do they really sell? This just isn't what I've known woot to be about. My pre Walmazon account had tons of 2 for tuesday deals. Since the big changes I've made VERY few Woot purchases.


Exactly! I have not had a raise in 5 years, therefore I search for bargains. My purchases here have taken a nose-dive accordingly. I miss 2 for Tuesdays! The Rent Is Too Damn High!


@nmchapma: The majority of people don't know a good deal when they see one and will bite on a relatively small discount if there's a limited time to act and the decision must be made quickly. So the decision is that there's more profit to be had in selling very expensive items at a small discount. And with the new profit source, they lose the distinction that made them what they were.

It seems that Deals.Woot is the source of any true bargain these days.

Now there's a huge gap in the market because nobody's doing what Woot used to do. Sure, there's dozens of copycat deals sites, but none are all that trustworthy. There's almost no way for anyone to take the spot that Woot used to have, even though Woot is no longer occupying it.


this is good feedback. you may have to consider the possibility that your sentiment is not necessarily the collective sentiment. some [not all] of our deals might be aimed at a consumer looking for a higher-priced (call it "premium," for lack of a better term) product.
the woot sites are offering those items at [what is largely considered] a deep discount.
so, sometimes it's a different audience than you might align yourself with. sometimes it's not.

but that doesn't render your feedback useless or mean we're discarding it. trust me, we couldn't ignore these comments if we wanted to. so i take this sort of thing and hand it over to people who are a lot smarter than i am about these matters.


@pemberducky: My sentiments certainly align with @omnichad's. It has been quite a while since any woot deal has caught my interest, much less gotten me excited. And, I'm a newcomer. I don't have the "old woot" to compare current woot to. However, I have seen changes. It seems that everything you put up lately is either repetitive and boring, or the cost is prohibitive. I've gotten to the point I just half-heartedly scan the woot tabs, then come straight over here to DW.


@pemberducky: Thanks for passing on the feedback, but unless those in charge (including the top) are looking to make use of it, I can't help but to feel that it's sort of a moot point. Cynical thinking from me, sure, but considering how comments on shirt.woot from the past 15+ months have been "addressed" ... yeah.


@narfcake: "...cynical thinking..." I say that's realistic thinking. Proven again and again.

I, too, agree w/@omnichad. If woot's intent is to establish a new, more upscale customer base...then this new approach might work. If they want to alienate the older customer base...that's definitely working for me.


I agree with the idea that woot is heading in the wrong direction. The attempts to sell upscale merchandise at a slight discount is not very profitable if you loose customers who want either big discounts on upscale stuff or just plain big discounts. This is a clearance web site so small discounts need not apply.


@pemberducky: "...the woot sites are offering those items at [what is largely considered] a deep discount. ..."

Maybe I'm not checking well enough, but it seems that lately most the products that I see here I'll Google for and find that the prices are competitive and not a deep discount. Sure, compared to MSRP, the price may be a tremendous amount less, but general retail, I'm not seeing a real difference.

Unfortunately, I've now learned that if I see anything that I might be interested in, I check Amazon first, and with my Prime-free shipping, the deals just don't seem that fantastic here. Like most others, Deals.woot seems to hold my attention more, and usually here I'm finding freebie deals on Amazon.


@pemberducky: I'm with you. I actually started buying more from woot since they started offering premium products...Like that Shun Edo knife set for a ridiculously low price


@wilfbrim: Ah yes, 2 for Tuesdays. I totally forgot about that.

I'm not sure but I think this, my 3rd Woot purchase, was on a 2 for Tuesday:

Only one of them even made it out of the package if I recall. But to your point, it was typical Woot of the time - cheap in price & cheap in quality. The truth was there are things that, for sale anywhere else I would have had the good sense NOT to buy them but there was something about Woot circa 2007 that made you think "You know, that price is just low enough to give it a try."

So while I'm not against them trying to class up the joint, you're definitely right. The Woot we knew wouldn't have sold an automobile for $1000 much less a watch.


@qvtruong: I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not...

I like expensive things as much as the next person, but I like cheap things more and while I may not have a purchase history in the hundreds, I have not personally bought anything from Woot in awhile simply because I have not seen anything that I want in a price I can justify :(.


The last item I purchased from Woot, I later saw at WalMart for $2 more than it cost at Woot.
And the last real deal I feel like I got was the 'always lazy onsies' I got for everyone for next Christmas.
Now I come here daily more out of habit than the expectation of actually finding any good deals.


@qvtruong: Observation: Your join date is June 10, 2009. Total woot purchases = 2. I'm guessing those 2 purchases were both high ticket items. And, probably purchased recently. I can see that you're one of the new higher caliber members that woot is now catering to. Keep up the good work; woot needs you!!


@dupedyetagain: I think I see what you did there. Is this the NEW Coke that was an absolute flop?


@pemberducky: Why would people looking for premium products shop here? It seems to me that the sort of people who pay thousands for a watch are also the sort of people who see themselves as the elite, and they are as likely to shop here as Walmart.


@moondrake: And so...I'm not elite. But will admit to purchasing a lot of high-end jewelry. Including a 14K gold (case & band) watch that I bought online. It was around $400. The gold alone is worth at least 8 times what I paid for it. THAT was a deal.

What I've seen here are over-priced, over-valued non-deals. Oh...and I shop at Walmart, too. A good deal is a good deal no matter what it is, nor where you find it. And, trust me, I look for them.


Now that I already own a crate full of Leakfrogs, a Roomba and a Dyson... I'm glad to see Woot move on to other things. Most of the cheap stuff I've gotten from here had ended up broken and tossed out anyways. Snuggies? Do not miss em.


@whataworld: A "crate full" of leap frogs. You must have a lot of areas prone to leaks. O-O


@pemberducky: So the new thinking is that folks who want to buy an $8,000 watch are going to flock to to shop around for a "deep discount" price?

Uh, sure. Okay.


@qvtruong: Yep, you're the perfect Woot customer, all right. Four years membership, two purchases.

They're gonna love you!


@gmwhit: Or lives in a place that has leaky windows/doors and in a city where rain is a routine occurrence. And has a Spouse [cough] [cough] who tends to leave the doors just a little bit ajar...

(Spouse had to spend some time this evening vacuuming out the floor of his truck 'cause he thought it would be safe -- with a 60% chance of thunderstorms today -- to leave the windows cracked a bit. He's a sweetie, but he's also a little bonkers now and then.)


And more expensive crap today...


Woot's path to where it is now reminds me of Big Lots. Big Lots started out as a discount clearing house of sorts, and through the years they've raised prices to equal and sometimes even higher than the standard big box stores like Walmart, Kmart, Target and others. They've even started selling some higher end items to draw in upper middle class people, but it doesn't seem to be working. Lately, whenever I drive past any Big Lots, I see that I could park almost next to the front door most of the time.


This made me wonder about my purchases. I do have a few.

Looking back, I see that I've gone from about 30 per year to about 10 per year. Which makes me wonder why I waste my time here.



"but that doesn't render your feedback useless or mean we're discarding it. trust me, we couldn't ignore these comments if we wanted to. so i take this sort of thing and hand it over to people who are a lot smarter than i am about these matters."@pemberducky:

I don 't see any evidence of them listening. Nor do I think they are smarter then you. Look at what has happened here.
Any that may of been smarter than you left. They took their big sell out checks and ran. I bet they aren't spending any of that hard earned cash shopping for high end watches on Woot.



"but that doesn't render your feedback useless or mean we're discarding it. trust me, we couldn't ignore these comments if we wanted to. so i take this sort of thing and hand it over to people who are a lot smarter than i am about these matters."

Having wondered for a while (half an hour, I guess,) I have an answer you can hand off to people who probably aren't smarter than you are: I'm done. I'll be keeping an eye on Moofi to try to catch some actual open box deals (that's not a filtered dirty word, is it?) but I'm finished slogging through piles and piles of "deals" for things I am not remotely interested in and which don't even amuse me. In seven years I've gone from "Ooh! It's Woot time!" to a feeling of dread that I've got all this noise to wade through. If I'm going to do something I dread, I might as well do something productive.

Be well, and if you guys remember how, have fun.


"I need a $1200 diamond-studded tie pin. I wonder if Woot has any in inventory?" - said by nobody, ever.


I don't usually comment on these types of threads, because I also don't believe it has any impact on the direction of the company. But I did notice something interesting I thought I'd share: May is the first month I haven't bought anything from woot since June 2011.


@ginawoot: Just this.

@pemberducky: I sort of understand that point, but you are really clouding the Woot brand. To some extent I'm in the demographic that might buy a $80 bow tie. But if I were stupid enough to blow some of my hard earned dough on that kind of extravagance, I'm not going to be on Woot.

Since 2007 Woot had a particular brand identity. At the core of that would be good to great value on consumer goods. Not luxury goods, consumer goods. Woot wine may sell (for a Black Tie Buy) a 95 dollar bottle of wine, but that would be normally found at 130 to 150. They don't (or didn't) sell $300 bottles.

You all are turning into Yahoo, a mile wide and an inch deep. Fewer products (please!!) and better deals. Half the time I'm saving (at most) a buck or two compared to the mother ship. That isn't enough to keep all these sites going. You all need to get this ship turned away from the iceberg.


The expensive watches have a 2year manufacturers warranty but I know that a lot of upscale manufacturers won't honor the warranty unless the product was purchased from an authorized reseller and not a discount seller. Is the discount luxury items worth it if the manufacturer does not honor the warranty.


@mybestuser1: The Spouse and I were talking about this just last night; thank you for bringing it up here.


I miss two things that I used to find regularly at Woot!: decent bargains and fun. And the fun part mattered. There were real people at Woot! doing wacko things like offering Bags of Crap that included real bargains. And real crap. And you never knew from one night to the next what crazyness would be unleashed upon Wootland.

I miss the fun as much as I miss the bargains, maybe more.

OK. Woot! is something else now, and I'm probably not its audience. That's OK. What I get from Amazon Prime means more to me now than what I get regularly from Woot! But part of the fun that I miss is the sense of community that Woot! encouraged and appreciated, and it's hard to see how that will come back.

Sometimes, so help me, I just want those kids to get off my lawn.