questionsdid you see the latest in the coupon saga?


By the way, that deal was copied word for word from SlickDeals. If you created another account and used a different phone number and slightly modified your address, you could have pushed 2 orders through. If you're gonna be a SlickDealer, you have to learn these tricks!

Actually, they did a similar coupon deal 2 years ago and there was no limit on the number of orders. I just knew they would catch them but they didn't.

If I had a dollar for every time this type deal has been canceled on me, I would be rich; however, I missed this one!


they even canceled my first order, which totaled $24 AFTER more2buy code.


@kamikazeken: They shouldn't have cancelled one of your orders. From what I've read on SD, send them a PM on Facebook and they will review your order.

Edit (from a post written by jcpenny): "Or you can call up our customer care center at 1-800-322-1189 for assistance"


To offer a coupon like that is just stupid. They should know they're going to lose more money than they make -- and it's not like anyone is going to start shopping there out of habit if you don't already.


I bought some towels, but the towel that was linked in the SD thread got cancelled on me, it was backordered for 8/1 anyway. Everything else (4 other $10 towels + a wash cloth) looks like they're coming. Used unique phone numbers and e-mail addresses.