questionswife gift advice needed; are briefcases/workbags…


Maybe one of those messenger bags...but that's just my opinon.

While they have some designed for women, I don't think you can go wrong with a leather one.


Maybe consider one of those rolling briefcases? It doesn't sound like she has that much volume, though.

I agree with @mtm2 that a nice leather case of some sort is hard to beat.


I bought my wife a nice leather Coach messenger bag for her work. Three years later it still sits in the closet. I don't pretend to understand why women like some things and not others. But, when it comes to bags, shoes, and clothes, I'll stick to buying what I'm told to buy. It's so much easier that way.


Generally, not unless one has been asked for. As above, you can easily get her something she does not want and has no real use for.


I'm going to have to chime in here as someone who has been the recipient of both a briefcase and several purses (one from a parent, other from my husband). I really liked the briefcase, it was leather and professional for the start of my career. I no longer use it as it wore out and also wasn't as versatile as i started having to carry a laptop from time to time. My husband tried extremely hard to pick out purses that I would like, and did a good job, but still I use other purses more frequently. I am pretty picky about pocket location, handle location, functionality, etc so I would much prefer to pick it out myself. Having my husband take me shopping for it would be nice though :) It sounds like a lovely gift idea. Perhaps if there is a particular brand she likes (Coach, Vera Bradley, etc), you could get her a gift certificate that would cover the cost of one of the brief cases and tell her what it is for.


Oh - and my other advice to husbands for gift giving - see if your wife has a Pinterest account. We women tend to "pin" things that we like and want on that. It can be helpful in the gift idea department. She may even have a briefcase on there!


One of the best gifts I ever got from my husband was a lovely wallet. He had seen that I was always fumbling to find stuff in my purse and thought it might be a good solution to a problem that I was not even aware of having. I never really used a fancy one, so it took some time to get used to it, but now I cannot live without it. As an added bonus, it reminds me of him often.

Would it be possible to be out shopping with her and pass by a store that sells that sort of thing? Maybe see if she shows interest in one style over another, brand, color, etc.

Is she the type that will tell you stuff she likes out loud? I do that with my husband when I know a gift-giving event is coming up and we are out at the mall. It used to be he forgot what I showed him, so he started taking pics with his phone so he would remember.

It is difficult to buy for a spouse, especially if you are trying to surprise them. Good luck!


I think it's a great idea. Sounds like something she needs, even if she doesn't think she does. And, to me, the best gifts are those which people notice a need filled, and fill it.

Personally, I'd try to get something nice but maybe not overboard in price. Probably not a briefcase, but maybe something more "messenger bag" like. But, since you know what she has to carry, you'd be able to judge best.


I would just hint around to see if she needs something like that.


I'm a big fan of buying the item instead of a gift card. If you are worried about it just say I thought you might like this one but I know that it's a style thing so if you'd like we can go exchange it. So at least she gets to see your thoughtfulness instead of just a gift card and an idea.
Just keep in mind what her work is, like how casual it is, etc. If you get her a super businessy leather briefcase and she works somewhere where everyone uses slumpy college bags it might be awkward (and vice versa).
This really feels like an instance when you need to know your wife. There are some ladies who would love an appliance for Christmas and some that would be offended. If your gal is one that wants jewelry at every occasion, get her jewelry even if you are tired of it. On the other hand, don't be like my dad and keep buying jewelry for a woman who won't wear it and doesn't care (took him 20+ years but I think he finally got it)