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Err on the side of too many BTUs than not enough. We needed a temporary window a/c earlier this year after our 24 year old hvac died. We picked up a 12,500 BTU GE brand unit at Walmart for around $325 (including sales tax). Very similar to this: It worked extremely well cooling our small 14x15' bedroom with 11' peaked ceilings and the adjoining bath. We even managed to keep the family room at a livable temperature too. No drip pan to worry about and had several different energy saver options AND a remote control.


I'm in the process of looking for one myself and the in-window ones tend to be cheaper than the portable ones and fall in the $200 or so range. The portable ones are from $300 on up.

The thing with the portable ones is that no only do they have the hose to pump the exhaust/hot air to the outside but they usually have either a drip pan or another hose to funnel the condensed water collected.

I agree with lavkinga - better to get a little more than you need.


Portable units do not work nearly as well as window units and take up a lot of floor space. I've tried a few, they all sucked. Take some measurements and find one that fits your window. You will be better off.

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Woot sold this one a little over a week ago. I set it up this weekend and it works very well.

If it happens to pop up in the upcoming woot-off, jump on it.


@lavikinga: I was looking at something like [this] ( but it's not energy star rated.

If the price is the same, then sure I'll get more BTU. Only reason I mentioned 5000 is because my landlord told me that it would be sufficient. Something portable with a hose is what I'd prefer, honestly, because it's less noticeable and a heck of a lot easier to fit in a window.

@lumpthar: that one looks good! I can't tell if it's energy star, but if it ever rolls around again, I'll definitely investigate further.

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