questionsis woot getting too big?


Woot got too big a long time ago.


I just lurk here. The other sites have gotten so overwhelming that they really don't interest me anymore. When this site changes for the worse, and it probably will, I'll see y'all somewhere else. Yes, y'all is a word.


I have very mixed feelings about this.

In some ways, I really enjoy seeing more deals across the sites - so that even if the token tablet or vacuum doesn't do it for me, I'm much more likely to find something I like. I also appreciate the greater diversity. Sport.Woot in particular is right up my alley. In theory, more is more... things for me to buy.

But it can be very overwhelming, especially when the Woot.Plus deals turn over and I'm not just paging through 8 sites... I'm also trying to look at 1-2 new batches of products on each of those sites, and each batch has anywhere from a few to over a dozen items. It's a lot to process, and I can't really take my time when I regularly see those items sell out pretty quickly. I also think the increased number of deals has decreased the discussions about any of them... so I'm not getting the community aspect or the excellent information from fellow Wooters. So more is also more than I can handle some mornings.


@saramwrap: I think you summed up my feelings pretty well, especially about the woot plus. I like the additional offerings, especially the sport woot stuff - but without the same amount of commenting it is not the same and I feel like things are missing. I am more hesitant to buy things without some input, so some things go unpurchased. The official forums have helped, and I'm noticing more and more comments as time goes on so we shall see how it goes.


I'm ok with it. Generally, I check them in the morning, and really only follow the sites in the background during the woot-offs.

@jsimsace: Sounds like someone is angling for cake. :)


The new woot layout on the main site(s) is way too cluttered and confusing IMO. The simple concept of "One Item a Day" is not so simple anymore.


@saramwrap: I agree. Exactly the same way I feel.


@okham: Nah. I'm here for the long haul. No dramatics for me. I'm one of those users that you might eventually miss but won't realize it until later. :)


@jsimsace: So you aren't going to eat that cake?


Completely agree. When I saw a Woot Off last night and realized I had to monitor all of these sites, I pretty much lost interest.
If I know what I want to purchase online, I can go to a site like gasp Amazon. It may be the size of the Woot family now, but I dont really feel like anything listed is really a great deal.

The mystery and excitement of a Woot Off has disappeared. And just wait until Tech Woot (wtf, really?) joins in on the Woot Offs too


I think it's getting more fun. No time to really goof-off anymore during a woot-off. Keeps you on your toes.


The never ending quality control problems over at shirt.woot is all the evidence that is needed. Look here for more details: . When you become so large you cannot keep one of your long time core businesses running properly it is time to sit back and evaluate. Even @Narfcake, the man of 200 shirts, has given up because of the never ending problems:


@raider9924: I agree with you 100% - except I believe @narfcake is the man of 501 shirts. :)


Yeah. I honestly would've liked the Woot plus to switch over the same time everything else does (aka midnight CST).

I'm always forgetting to check in the morning or waking up too late.


@neuropsychosocial: Wow, I thought I saw him post somewhere that he had purchased around 200 guess I was way under! Maybe I read it wrong and it was 200 orders but some he ordered more then one? Anyway you look at it he has purchased a ton of shirts and its a shame a long time high volume customer feels the need to move on!


I don't think it's too bad... I mean, it only takes a second to hover over each tab and see what the daily deals are. I like the new woot!, though it does get a little crazy with the multiple woot-offs. I think woot!plus is great, too. So far, I'm happy with the changes. I think a lot of people tend to associate change with loss and only dislike it because they miss what used to be. Look at Facebook. Every time they introduced a change everyone complained about how bad it was, but eventually they got over it and Facebook got even bigger and more successful at connecting people through social networking. I think woot! is going through a similar situation right now. Our disappointment is only temporary, and eventually we'll see that woot! is changing for the better; not only is it catering to the interests of more groups (home, tech, sport), but it is also providing the same great customer service and quality deals that it offered before the changes (since I joined, at least).


I don't think it's too big at all. I am happy to see Woot grows and the founder's (sadly he left, but I am sure he is onto another great idea) hardwork pays off. This is a wonderful site, with a great business model, and a generally nice community.


I rather like it. These latest wootoffs I've been buying more and more because of the variety. I find it easy to keep up with because I run Wootalyzer and just glance at whatever the new item is that pops up. That way no attempting to refresh several pages at once.


Getting* too big? Too flashy? Too many deals? Too much? Compared to what? ...The way they were in the past? Yes, the "One deal a day" site is long gone. So is the special snarkiness, the flare they had.

If you like a basic 'like any other storefront site' on the web, then woot's okay. If you don't like that & long for that special, excellent deal site, the old woot is dead & gone. All gone.


I miss the quirky little website that only sold one item a day. Now it's just like all the other sites who sell a bunch of junk that I may or may not want.

I was never huge on buying things here, but I always liked to come window shop, as it were. Now I barely even look at what all the Woot! properties have for sale.


@mkdr: You are so right.

"without the same amount of commenting it is not the same and I feel like things are missing. I am more hesitant to buy things without some input, so some things go unpurchased"

The community was able to comment on about everything. Now there may be more comments but the quality of the comments as they relate to the product on sale has dropped. '

This used to be a "sticky" site for me, I rarely spend more than 60 seconds a day on it now, including the community sourced deals.

In that sense, the loss of the community, it is too big.


I've simply begun to think of Woot differently. Instead of a one-item-a-day site, it's now like a strip-mall with a few small shops. I come in, I look around for anything new, then I leave and return the next day.

With the multi-shop Woot Off, it's sort of like these small shops have random "Blue Light Specials", so I keep watching through the day.

But, overall, it's just changing the mindset of what Woot is, because it is simply no longer what it was.


I like the varied sites (woot, tech, sport, etc..). But I think there is a bit too much happening on each page to try and keep up with it all. And with a woot-off happening on multiple pages, my F5 button is getting a work out.

I think that Woot has become the commercialized corporate type of website that Woot used to make fun of. But I guess that changed when the Amazon bought the lovable little Woot site. Resistance is futile.


@pickypickypicky: I would like cake! (Why does it always come back to cake.)

This is some good input, folks. And thanks for keeping it chillax and constructive.


How did we go from This to this? Even this update was okay. The Previous version was okay, but this new version is atrocious!


I'm having trouble following all the plethora woot sites, the wootplus and the woot-off's all at one time. Might need to hire an assistant.

Thanks Woot for costing me more money! ;-)


I agree. They should have stopped at deals.woot!. They are turning into........well lets just leave it at ladies of the night.


@inkycatz: Cake AND pie. Although really, most cakes don't hold a candle next to pie. Still, even bad cake is fairly good.

I guess it's kind of like Woot! in that respect. Woot! used to be something pretty special way back when (I've been buying since 2004)...not so much anymore. I see that I've only purchased seven things from Woot! this year, two of which were bags of crap and one was a shirt. However, other than Amazon and Newegg, there's no other single site that I've purchased seven things from this year. So, Woot's not pie anymore...but I guess it's probably cake. And any cake is fairly good. However, I don't go out of my way to get it.

By the way, you should have never made the change from purple to green. Purple Woot! was awesome. I still have a purple shirt and purple hat as evidence of the purple awesomeness.