questionsare buckyballs a thing of woot past?


Isn't the problem only if someone swallows more than one and some distance apart? Not that I'm advocating anyone eating them or saying that it isn't tragic when a kid (or someone else) dies from magnet ripping their insides apart. But if you only ate one, as long as you didn't eat anything else metal or magnetic, you should be fine, right? Or, if you ate more than one as long as they all got stuck together in your stomach before passing into your intestines, again, it shouldn't be a big deal as they would just pass as a single mass, again not a big deal, right?

Personally I think this is just a little silly. Yes, people have gotten hurt (has anyone actually died?). But people get hurt from pocket knives, Legos, tripping over shoe laces (or cats or cats playing with shoe laces) or sticking raisins up their nose (yes, I was that kid). No one is calling for those things to be labeled defective and no longer sold.


It's a bit ridiculous, but in a vague sense I agree, since very least be marketed solely as an adult toy, maybe even to the point of carding people before purchase. Stupid people continue to use them as pretend "piercings," or leave them where babies or animals can eat them. We need to make sure that doesn't happen anymore.

Based on the article, I am guessing they are now a thing of the Woot's past, which is a shame cause they're an awesome toy when used properly.


According to Gizmodo, the ban is now official.

"The Consumer Product Safety Commission has just banned the sale of Buckyballs, those magic magnets that can be shaped any which way, because the balls are a serious health hazard for children. It's the first stop-sale order by the CPSC in 11 years."


It's always nice to blame companies who clearly mark their products as "NOT FOR CHILDREN" instead of blaming BAD PARENTS!

I wonder how many children die a year from drinking household chemicals.. I wonder when the government will get involved and BAN household chemicals as well.

If it wasn't for the fact that BuckyBalls posts WARNINGS on ALL OF THEIR PRODUCTS (twice in fact.... in BIG letters), and also on their website.. I could see the need for a lawsuit. However, they were the responsible company who made every effort to EDUCATE their consumers.

So since they aren't to blame, that leaves the parents/caretakers who let their kids get into the "ADULT TOY" and swallow them.


Unfortunately, this is the society that we live in. Many feel entitled to the point that they feel they should be compensated for their own negligence by the companies who just so happen to have produced the product that they inevitably end up misusing.


I'm all for consumer protection, however, this is an adult toy & I resent it being banned in this adult only household!


Guess I'll just have to keep mine next to my Lawn Darts.



Soon they'll be banning peanuts because they are both a choking hazard and some people might die from them


Weird, and you can still but thumbtacks no problem!


Groupon just had a deal on them 5 days ago! I procrastinated and then forgot about it and now it's over!



they are not something you can plug in or recharge, so it looks like they may not be available anymore


vote for liberals/democrats, and this is what you get.
we get the government we deserve.


@kamikazeken: I don't know why you are being voted down. The CPSC is implementing policy directed by elected representatives. Instead of complaining here on Woot don't vote for the people who advocate these policies. Look, Bloomberg in NYC is going to ban large sodas. Where do you think the nanny state comes from.

To be honest, I'm surprised that they are still in business. Even without the CPSC ban, they would have been sued out of existence. They would never be able to get liability insurance. Look, other companies have been hit by this, too. Blitz USA, the top maker of gas cans (I have a bunch of them, really useful for stocking up for my generator when I lived in FL) went into Chapter 11 in November 2011. Next Tuesday they close for good. Why? Lawsuits from people that used their gas cans to POUR GAS INTO A FIRE! Yes, they sued. And won. subjectid=461&articleid=20120724461E2_MIAMIO729269


We will no longer accept offerings for buckyballs or similar items.
We will be removing all current posts for these items.

All told.


@jumbowoot : Thanks for the heads up sigh ...

I have some bought from woot truly and I took them straight to work. My kiddes think they are very exciting but it is not a toy I let them near. Some of my adult co-workers I dont let play with them either. for the same reason


Maybe buckyballs should sue the parents who are letting their kids play with them ....


And this just in from that GroupOn BuckyBalls deal:

Hi There,
Thanks for purchasing our deal for Buckyballs or Buckycubes.

Unfortunately, due to concerns from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding the safety of this product, we've had to cancel this deal. For more information, please visit We know how disappointing it can be when a great deal is no longer available, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Rather than wait for a final resolution of any legal proceedings, we have decided to proactively issue you a full refund for the product. Please allow up to 10 business days for this to be reflected on your statement.


here's a solution. Make them 1mm bigger and call them "Luckyballs". Until they get banned too, of course.