questionswhat is the best deal you have gotten from a woot?


I had to actually go back through my list and search...

SteelSeries Siberia headphones for $20/pair. I use these on a daily basis, and compared to the normal price of $60/pair, I felt a good deal was had.

Midland FRS/GMRS 2 way radios. Very useful for caravan roadtrips, home wiring between multiple floors, camping, communicating at large venue festivals, etc.

Dyson all floor vac. This thing sucks up dirt that hasn't appeared in my carpet yet.

M-audio Studiophile AV40 speakers. have a couple pairs of these, hooked up at various computers around the house. awesome sound, decent price.


The free coupons and goodies from deals.woot. :) But I did get a great deal on a 3G kindle earlier this year; I think it was $79. We used it for the interwebs when we went overseas.


It's always the next one I get!


The time that I paid 3 dollars for 180 AA batteries...THANKS JUMBOWOOT!


I think the "best deal" or most attractive thing about Woot, in addition to items for sale, coupons, heads-up on various items and issues, is the entertainment factor - the interchanges via the messageboards - the fantastic writers - the sense that Woot/DealsWoot, etc., is OUR PLACE to hang out, read, comment, vote, contribute. I am a very active person with a lot of interests and things I do even though I am retired - but my day is not complete without a visit to these areas.


$0.01 Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset. Hands down the best deal ever. I purchased 3 of these, and still use it everyday. Normally a $60.00 headset, some eagle-eyed wooter found the mispricing and T-Mobile honored many of the smaller batches of orders.

$180.00 worth of goods for 3 cents. Best deal ever.


last year i picked up 2 of the Rival vacuum food sealers for about $20 each i think. i gifted one to my sister for Christmas and she was so happy because it's been on her list of kitchen gadgets to get since forever but their budget is grotesquely tight right now, so she hadn't bought one yet

i figure if she had tried to buy one, she would've ended up paying more than i did. since i was watching the prices from every store that sold them, and when it was offered on woot again, i jumped on buying it at the lowest price i'd seen anywhere. plus they were new, not refurbs

so i'd say that was my best deal so far, besides getting free t-shirts and other cool stuff. this deal meant more personally