questionsdo you support national panty-less day?


Is this just for panties? Or are all undergarments not to be worn, Boxers, Briefs, etc? I, as a man, don't wear panties, so I guess everyday is no panty day for me!


I support the idea. Pretty hot knowing a woman isn't wearing panties.


I think that women who don't wear panties should be put on a pedestal. A really tall one, actually.


it's a slippery slope. next comes No Pants Day. and then: chaos.

i support this.


Shouldn't there be an age limit for thIs? I mean, I don't think you want your grandma celebrating this holiday!


@jsimsace: Best comment ever!!!! I can't stop laughing!


@pemberducky: Here, at least, there is already a no-pants day. People make a point of riding the subway in their boxers etc... it's kinda odd.


@conanthelibrarian: I do not think there should be an age limit. Grandpa deserves a little fun too.


Okay, folks. Before you start doing anything crazy, let me just remind you that going commando on a hot summer's day while wearing a skirt or dress and then getting into a car that has been sitting in the sun for a few hours, can, well, make it exceptionally difficult explaining to medical persons just how you burned your Princess (or Princely) Parts. Expect to hear muffled laughter from beyond the curtain. Lots of muffled laughter.


Womens panties aren't the greatest thing in the world, but they're next to it.


im just surprised that not everything in this topic is downvoted ... sometimes the woot community gets a little stuffy when it comes to these borderline topics/comments ... glad to see a little bit of dirty/offensive humor go over well ... im sure the fact its Friday helps too


I'm going to go tell the wife right now, could make for an interesting Friday.

"Honey, you'll never guess what I just found out on Woot...."


Seeing as I'm a man, I have no opinion on this, as I don't wear panties.
But then again, seeing as I'm a man...


Sucks that it's only fiancé and I live in Brazil. Maybe I can convince her anyway...


I will agree that pantyLESS is much better than pantyMORE.


Not one to oppose a 'national' day. Yet, it didn't require a reason for me to do that. It was consummate (pun intended), devilish fun to go out to dinner at an upscale restaurant & whisper to my (late)husband that I wasn't wearing panties. Made the many courses & long dinner very interesting.


@gmwhit: I'm hoping that you meant 'tardy' husband, as opposed to the other common usage of that phrase.....


@reginafilangee: Nope, I meant the common usage. Sadly.


@gmwhit: oh, I'm terribly sorry. I misread your comment, and thought you meant that this dinner had just occurred today---didn't realize that you were recounting a past story. Again, my apologies. (And my condolences.)


@reginafilangee: Not your fault at all! Apology not needed. And thank you for the kind remarks. I should have said it was an old story. Something I did often, btw. He never tired of it. ;-)


@gmwhit: Aren't you a feisty one! I'll be traveling to FL soon...wanna have dinner?


@jsimsace: How very sweet of you to ask. I must respectfully decline your gracious offer, though. It seems I'll be out of the country. Soon. ;-)


Fine, I guess the 4 people who down-voted me want seconds, I'm happy with 6ths


@gmwhit: You are my heroine. I like to do this too, it's great fun :) My hubby never ever minds!!! He did ask me today if I put panties on before going out to lunch with my mother....

I just smiled.... ;)

Edited to add, I do not tell my mother I'm not wearing panties...she finds it scandalous, not sexy.


@aafalke: I have the strangest erection right now