questionsis anyone using the g155 portable gaming system…


The PS3 has built in wi-fi...why not use that?


@thedogma: The G155 includes a screen and an enormous-looking suitcase to put everything in. I'm assuming the OP means that they're moving their whole system someplace like a McDonalds, downloads updates, and goes back home. Frankly the G155 at $250 or so looks like major overkill for that, but whatever works I guess. I've played a whole bunch of 360 games and can only think of one where an online update was absolutely required to play.


@starblind: Oh. Tooootally knew that...

@spu115 I think you should be fine. Updates are generally pretty minimal, bug fixes and the likes, so the worst off you would be is having a glitchy game.

With respect to demos and DLC, note that the PS Store requires a system update before you can log in. So if you're going out to be able to download, make sure to allot enough time for a system update as well.


That's awfully expensive considering you can download updates to a PC and put them on a USB stick.


@samstag: Well, considering the cost incurred for broadband,dsl, hs internet... whatnot, the cost is minimal. The yearly expense for wired is approximately $1000/yr and given a 3 year stint.... you get the picture. I have downloaded to a flash for my 3D update, however, Skyrim, PSN games are beckoning. PLUS. Rumors abound regarding next gen being hard disk free systems. Thanks for the reply.


@starblind: I know the cost is a little much for portability but with the next gen being so close and the likelihood of PSN for current titles going off line shortly after, I am considering alternatives to not purchasing a whole new library.