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@deals.woot staff -- When are you going to post some rules somewhere?


I tattled on a deal this morning, Did not bother with recording the name but the deal was an AUCTION on Ebay for a USED frying pan. Is that what this question is about.


Rules would be awesome. Woot is not awesome. Woot will not post rules.

I'm also tired of the guy posting the crude and ill formed sexual jokes in @ohcheri's deals. I think he may be a stalker. Look out.


First of all, let's at least be honest. I posted three different items. An apple laptop that had a quantity of one, a Hilti DX460 Powder actuated tool with a quantity of three, and a Hilti DX351 Powder Actuated tool with a quantity of three. I only posted one at a time and waited until you had that one removed before posting a different item. I have posted other deals that many people have found worthwhile that were not my items.

I have requested several times for official rules, with no actual response. I have searched for rules and have been following all of the rules that I could find.

I'm sorry that you personally do not agree with me.


@pxb006 sounds like you need to get a life


gosh this is so "neener neener neener"


@jmrudden: Yet you were able to fit a reply into your busy schedule


@midwestoutlet: Try this post or several others for Unofficial FAQ info. The Rules and FAQ are actually posted here, but are NOT from Woot or its employees.

Here is an excerpt pertaining to Ebay:

The item is listed on Ebay
-Must have a buy it now button, no auctions allowed
-Must be from a reputable seller as determined by woot staff


@midwestoutlet: No need for dishonesty here. Staff member, @prettywootprincess has emailed you personally before to tell you to post items that you have at least 20 in stock of. The thread where she said that may be gone, but I still have the notification email.

This is not about disagreement, this is about you blatantly posting what you've been told, by woot staff, not to post.


Let's not forget the previous account, (midmichcomp), which voted against this question. Let me see now, that's THREE accounts for sure, for the same person.

I know that PWP is probably flat overwhelmed holding down the ship while they're off hiring replacements for the folks that have moved on (and I've seen the reqs online, so I know they're looking), but I thought I'd just point this out in case she was reading.

Man, I hate cheating. I also don't think much of downvoting, but I do make exceptions...


@thumperchick: I have never received an email from prettywootprincess. Now it's 20 items? This is why rules need to be posted, because everyone makes up their own rules!


@midwestoutlet: Dude- you're supposed to post DEALS, not pimp your own auctions on ebay. Wooters are looking for good values. We're not stupid. Fly-by-night operaters don't last long...


You should look at this person's down votes. I guess I should be proud that my deals rank high there.
I tattled a bunch of times, and tried to tell this person that one item deals were not allowed. Revenge was exacted upon me.
In fact, last week I think it was, I had just posted a couple deals ( promo codes for JCP and such merchants ) As soon as I posted them I got 3 down votes on each of 3 deals. I was like whaaat ? Later I saw @mdiwestoutlet 's item posted right before mine. Checked, yep those deals on their down vote list. I suspect other accounts operated by this person too, as 3 down votes for each all at once..... ( no other down votes, in fact they did rather well ) That is not grown up behavior nor is it in the spirit of Woot. Shame on you.

IF you want to be a welcomed deals member, I advise apologies, following the rules, and to be respectful.


@pyxientx: I downvoted your comment, but it was for the sole purpose of moving the "proof" from @thumperchick up the ladder. :)


@ceagee: Not a problem. We just all need to tattle about the shill accounts. Woot and the mods take a very dim view of shills.


@midwestoutlet: you keep saying there are no official rules but I would think that if your deal gets deleted, you did something wrong. The mods don't delete threads just because someone tattles, that's why they ask for an explanation. The community knows these (unwritten) rules and since you obviously don't know them, or won't acknowledge them you'll continue to get down votes and tattles.

But LET'S BE HONEST, this really isn't about you. You had a chance. Now you're just the bad example we use to present the problems deals.woot is having. We're now complaining about the time and effort it's taking woot to get rid of you. It wasn't long ago that you and your shills would be long gone. This transition is inconvenient but should be over soon. Until then we'll keep dealing with *your kind * the only way we have.

You're nothing but gum on the bottom of deal's shoe, we just can't find the right stick to scrape you off.


Why am I always busy on the most exciting days here at DW?!? :P


Well, that ought to show somebody.

Yeah, I check for things like that. Yeah, it made me laugh.

Now I'm wondering if "smacktom" is the same guy...

It would also be instructive to see who the other downvote was on that previous question, but I leave that as an exercise to the reader.

@pxb006 (just a slight heads up)

Ah, JumboWoot, we're gonna miss you.


@midwestoutlet: You have received an email from me with the email that is attached to your username. As well I commented to you in the thread previously mentioned. 20 items minimum as stated in that comment. All deals will continue to be deleted if less then that amount.


@prettywootprincess: :::rising to offer enthusiastic applause:::


@ everyone I will try and get in when needed and I apologize for not being as involved at Jumbo was. As we work out processes and everyone adjusts I hope to be more engaged.


@prettywootprincess: All of us know (or at least most of us) how thinly you are all spread right now. Thanks very much for the responses. You're the last of the original four, you know. ::hugs::


Thanks for understanding guys it means a lot. I still have a great team to help me out and they have been great so giving them a shout out as well.