questionscan you help me write a poem?


Many have tried
Enough have failed
Help is on the way

just some free form poetry as I am not one for following the conventional "rules" for it and if I do it is by accident


Days of deals and fun
Once thought to be a dead horse
Have risen again


You cannot go back.
You can only go forward.
Is it worth it? Meh.


Out, we further cast our nets
Catching less, yet losing more
Til faded are our minarets
Once bright, are now eyesores
Perhaps we'll try again today
Unless we cast our gaze ashore


here's a rhyme:

dearest old friend woot
the years haven't been so kind
recently, you smell like poop
from victory dances to benign
the tides have changed
and you were washed out to sea
the every day fun loving gangs
have been outcast, and they flea
fare thee well, dear old friend
may you find your way again
i fear though, this is the end
our friendship wanes, or so is the trend


I have been asked to create the most elegant of poems.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
All the cool people are going to meh
And so should you.

Drops mic.


@capguncowboy: "flea" as in infested with them, or "flee" as in run away? Kinda made me laugh to think we ran away & are bug infested :)
(So did this: )


@lavikinga: Ha, geeze... I'm blaming this freak headcold in the middle of summer. That's my excuse... yeah, I'll go with that


I'm confused. Why is Sun capitalized?
- Is it intended to setup a clever pun?
- Is it being used as a double-entendre to symbolize the name of someone?
- Does the author have a poor grasp on grammar?
- Is this a trolling attempt?

Bad grammar ... head hurts ... must ... stop ....