questionsdid anyone else mysteriously get a couple of woot…


No, no I did not. Congrats!


Nope, but I just got my first shirt from shirt.woot, so I don't imagine I'd be eligible for any loyalty reward programs from that sub-site.


nope, not me...unless still in transit


Nope. Congrats.

Waaah! Woot likes @bluejester better than me!


Not here either, unless they're taking the scenic route. Something to do with shirt.woot's 6th birthday? I dunno ...

@moondrake: I used to belong to the loyalty club here. Then, an Anvil dropped ...


Did you order the 2-pack of randoms during the shirt-off? Apparently they are starting to arrive.


Nope, nothing here. But I wonder - they have been trying to entice people back to shirt.woot with coupons, perhaps you got those for that reason? When is the last time you purchased a shirt?


@thumperchick: Well, the funny thing is, I hadn't been getting nearly as many shirts as I use to until about month ago when I went on vacation. And I did order a double pack (in the vain vague hope of getting a few AAs from a side sale), but already received it. So I am at a loss here to explain my good fortune.


@belyndag: BWAHAHAHA! Forgot about them. Yes, exactly!


Well you know the saying..... so just enjoy !


@thumperchick: There have been recent shirt coupons? I thought the Amazon overlords had long ago dispensed with all woot coupons as bad business practice.


@ginawoot: They sent some coupons to people who hadn't purchased shirts in a very long time.