questionshello.. i have not received my order #41791236, i…


@eviloverlord333: You're on the ball today, thanks! :)


Your order number looks like a Woot order number, but please remember the following:
1. Deals.Woot is a deal aggrigator. Deals posted here (with the sole exceptions of Moofi and Sellout.Woot) are not processed by Woot.
2. If you order something from one of these companies on the Deals pages, you will need to contact that particular company for service.
3. The deals posted here are assumed to be correct and the companies that sell stuff are assumed to be fair and honest. This is obviously not always the case. Deals makes no guarantees on the veracity of anything posted here.

I hope it works out for you. Send an email to


@lumpthar: You might want to check if that email address is still valid ( it is no longer listed on the woot "write us" page). All of the staff are posting with the new on their signature lines. Saying that it is the customer support / service email.


Way to go community! It helps us when we help our awesome mods. :)


Man, you guys are such freaking dorks hahaha


@jsimsace: No, I said dorks not perverts.