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I've bought from goggles4u before, very cheap (in price...and quality :P). If you're looking for a $10 pair of prescription glasses, I would recommend it. My only issue is that I didn't give them my pupil locations from the center of the glass, so it took a while to get used to the them.

A great pair of junk glasses for swimming, driving, etc.


I can't speak to buying prescription sunglasses currently. I got my eyes fixed (PRK, took a second go around before it took for good) back in the late 90s and haven't really worn glasses since (I do have a minor refractive error, but it is so minimal as to not be a factor in nearly all situations). If you are interested in reading your own prescription, here is a quick link:

In short, the first number is the spherical correction (near/farsighted), the second is the cylendrical correction (for astygmatism) the third is the axis of the astygmatism. If you have presybycusis (difficulting focusing near) and need bifocals there is a fourth number, which tells how strong the magnification needs to be.

Example: When I was young I was just nearsighted, no astigmatism. My prescription looked like this:

OD: -3.00 x SPH
OS: -3.75 x SPH

The SPH indicates no astygmatism at all. Since I was young, no need to bifocals (cont)


I've been happy with I've bought glasses for myself and my wife and they're cheap enough that I didn't feel bad buying some just to see if I liked a particular style or not. I've bought both sunglasses and regular glasses with 80% tinted lenses. I like the regular glasses a little bit better.



OD means right eye, OS means left eye, BTW. When I had eye surgery I had to have a very precise refraction, so the previously ignored minor astygmatism was brought out. It looked like this:

OD: -3.00 -0.125 x 035
OS: -3.75 -0.25 x 130

I didn't include a very important piece of information needed to make glasses, the pupillary distance, or PD. That is a simple measure. It is SUPPOSED to be on all spectacle prescriptions so you can get them filled anywhere, it may not be. You can measure it yourself by getting very close to a mirror, and putting a dot where your pupils are, and measuring (in mm, please).

If you are older and need bifocals the magnification on the bottom is noted with a figure at the end I currently have about a quarter diopter distant defect in my left eye, and probably could use about a full diopter of magnifications.
OD: plano ADD +1.00
OS: -0.25 ADD + 1.00

Extensive wikipedia article:


I'm a big fan of, they've been willing to make and fit lenses for me that the mall chains wouldn't do. I have purchased a couple pairs of prescription sunglasses from them now and I've been real happy with the results. The fact that their toll-free number is generally answered immediately by an actual human is a big bonus in my book, too.


@wilfbrim: Thanks for the very thorough reply!


@lparsons42: Those are out of my price range for now but I am definitely saving that site. I love the Rudy Project Ekynox SX Sunglasses and the Oakley Fast Jacket and Radar Lock styles.


I just placed glasses orders about a month ago. I ordered first from Goggles4u and then 2 days later from Despite ordering after, the Zenni glasses arrived about 10 days earlier. All the glasses were fine. No problems with the prescriptions or quality.

I had ordered from Zenni before and they definitely took longer the 1st time. Don't know if this time was a fluke.


@moondrake: Funny you should mention Rudy Project, my first prescription sunglasses (ever) were a pair of Rudy Project Metys that I bought from them. also has a sister site for more contemporary frames, I don't remember the address for that one off the top of my head, though.


+1 for

I've done some comparisons with other sites and Zenni comes up as the cheapest to tint the glasses (like $4.95) and photochromic (one that changes depending on sunlight) for $19.00 for grey or brown.

Shipping comes up at around five bucks too.

So total should be around $25-35 (more or less) depending on what you'll go with and the frame price.

But what I'd totally wait for is the dollar frames sale on, I paid $11.90 for tinted prescription glasses. But this was like back in January and I think they only do this like twice a year.

That is if brand name isn't a problem though.


Try Currently running a Buy 1 Get 1 pair free offer. so you can get two pairs of quality glasses from as low as $14


I like to get my prescription sunglasses in Chicago. I feel it is better that way for me. I really enjoy it.


I buy all my glasses from -- They include all coatings (anti glare, uv, hard coating, and some others) in the price of the glasses, which most of the other sites don't. Their frames are super affordable, and I haven't gotten a pair of glasses yet that disappoints me quality wise. I also really like that they have a PD measuring tool (my doctor wouldn't disclose my PD, so I measured it online and my glasses are great). And they have tons of information on how to buy glasses online. I have definitely been converted from Zenni to Visio-rx.