questionswhat is the best gotta have that gift for a…


this year someone brought a bottle of Patron, others brought also bottles of rum and other alcohol. if it's allowed, those trade a lot!
also iTunes gift cards or Best Buy/Amazon gift cards. why doesn't Woot have gift cards??


The most popular thing at our party every year is the little chocolate bottles filled with liquour. Those are acceptable even at our alcohol free family friendly luncheon, as they are candy. They cost about $20 at Sams Club. I'd imagine you can probably get them at a nice package store for about $25.


I've heard that lottery scratch tickets are also pretty popular items for these kind of parties.


After going through quite a few of these, I can definitely say that alcohol is the most popular gift. (especially the Godiva Chocolate Liqueur)


Maybe its because I live in Texas, but I had to figure out what that meant from context. We don't swap Yankees down here. Generally here its called a White Elephant gift exchange or just a regular one if funny stuff isn't allowed.


@woadwarrior: Godiva liqueur is sooo good. I like the white chocolate liqueur too. But, with a $25 limit, you'd be limited to probably a pint bottle.

Quick drink recipe: Godiva Chocolate Covered Cherry
Take a tall shot glass. Fill 1/4 with grenadine, then layer bailey's on top of that, then Godiva white chocolate on top of that, and finally Godiva chocolate. Mmm...tasty goodness.


I always try to buy a gift I like because I always end up being traded and getting the gift I bought. I like to go with tool type items.


@rprebel: does this taste like a cordial chocolate covered cherry or a regular chocolate covered cherry?


@emerson42: Interesting. Never heard of it. I know what a white elephant sale is, having grown up in Maryland. I was always disappointed when there was no elephant for sale. I would be sooooo tempted to take elephant-themed gifts. Maybe elephant poo paper. Or a stuffed elephant.

Thanks everyone for the great ideas. Have to admit I didn't know Godiva chocolate liqueur existed. Now I have to try some!


@segafanalways: Always a good idea. I know just what you mean! I'd be happy to select my own gift package and sit tight, hoping no one swiped it...


@susiewoots: More of a cordial taste. That's what I was going for, but you could always omit the bailey's to cut out the cream flavor.