questionsdo you have any great green gift ideas?


Bamboo products! Anything that you would use in wood, from cutting boards or spoons, to non-kitchen uses, use bamboo. It grows extremely fast, and is a much more sustainable resourch than other woods (although everything made from wood is sustainable). Also, if you want to send the message that you're being Eco-friendly, I'd move away from anything with a rechargeable battery. The production of these things requires the use of extremely toxic metals, and studies have shown that they are actually bad for the environment, and even worse when they aren't disposed of properly.
Personally, I don't buy into the whole "going green" fad. I use rechargeable batteries, because they are economic, but I know they aren't necessarily "green". Thought I'd pass the information along though :)


Here is an interesting iPhone 4/4S case made of recycled paper and plastic. it comes with markers so you can customize the look of your case.


What about notebooks made from recycled paper, a set of cloth napkins and maybe some napkin rings made from "found" objects...or make them yourself. For more expensive gifts, paving "stones" or a bench or picnic table made out of recycled plastic. An electric lawnmower, corded if it's a small yard and you trust the person not to run over the cord otherwise cordless. Much easier on the environment than the standard gas powered mower. Same goes for edgers string trimmers.


Don't forget the option of giving cash... it doesn't get any greener than that :-)

For other stuff... some form of Hemp clothing perhaps?


I do have some suggestions. Here's a couple:

How to Sew a Button And Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew

The Encyclopedia of Country Living, 10th Edition

Both of those are books that encourage people to do things for themselves, and to make instead of buy, and to reuse. I've given both of them, more than once, to people I thought would like them, and I've just ordered the 10th Edition for my library (I have the 2nd or 3rd already).


sod, it's like $3.00 a roll and it really green


We had a green Christmas gift campaign a couple of years ago that sounded good to me -

Give Experiences

We have several options in the Seattle area which are really cool like:

- Dinner at the top of the Space Needle
- The Dale Chihuly Garden and Glass
- Segway tours
- Glass blowing classes (many Groupons available)
- Performances at the local theater or comedy club or casino

and the list goes on...

Very little wrapping paper (if any) and a memory for a lifetime.


I don;t know if the person you are giving to needs a physical gift. But I have been giving my friend eco-gifts that don't really have a physical component.

I had a forest of 100 trees planted in his name at the Nature Conservancy, where you pay $1 per tree, and gave him a little baby tree with the card.:

American Forests also has a $1 per tree gift planting program:

The next year I had him made a Scottish Laird, and got him all kinds of Scottish stuff to put in the gift bag with his certificate of lairdship. Your friend becomes the owner of one square foot of Scottish Highland and they use the funds to preserve the Highlands:



There's also a number of programs where you can donate goats, chickens and other direct aid to needy folks all over the world. If your friend is female, it's interesting to see how these programs are being used to empower women, see the video below.

This is my favorite site as I like the video and love the photos:
I like the idea of saying, "The world is a better place because you are in it, and I took the opportunity to help make it a better place in your name."


Last day for the sale at Mighty Leaf Tea. I was buying my tea for the 2nd half of the year and saw this. Thought it fit well into your question.
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Indulge yourself or someone special to a relaxing retreat in the comfort of the home. Each Abaca Spa Box is crafted individually by hand, by artisans using an environmentally-friendly blend of treeless paper, culminating in the classic colors of black and cream.

Enclosed within the Abaca Spa Box are 2 Oasia bath pouches filled with Dead Sea salts, green tea leaves, 22 essential oils and verbena leaves, and 2 whole leaf Tea Pouches each of the following blends: Chamomile Citrus, African Nectar, Ginger Twist and Rainforest Maté. An invitation to relaxation! Set includes: 2 Bath Pouches (4oz/120g), 8 Artisan Whole Leaf Pouches (.88oz/25g)

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If your daughter likes food and or anything that has to do with Texas, this company has very unique texas theme gifts and texas gift baskets: