questionshas the level of activity for woot! decreased…


on shirt.woot, yes.

i almost skip over it now, whereas i used to check it religiously and seriously bought over 50 or so shirts from woot before the manufacturer change. contrary to what people have been trying to convince me (and others), i've found that the new shirts are just not as durable and don't fit as well (i find them oversized slightly, i wear a men's S and the american apparels were perfect). although i did not find them itchy as some people have described.

elsewhere, nope. i'm still a woot!er.


My guess is that if it did, they would scuttle the changes. Only makes business sense.


Nah...true wooters are gonna woot.


I asked a similar question regarding the shirt side
It seems to be true, even on Deals to some extent.
Not sure what is being done about it if anything.

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I think it is. There's no way that last year I would've still been at the top of the leaderboard for over 24hrs based on one good deal and a popular question - not this close to Christmas.


I know my activity level went from almost daily on deals to about once a month now. One of the most frustrating things with deals.woot is the total lack of control/rules. Some good deals get removed b/c someone didn't like it; yet there are now a TON of deals that are no better than everyday pricing. Weeding through it all is too big a pain in the arse. I've also noticed that deals are not being expired as regularly.

On wine.woot many of the old timers that knew a lot and had a lot of experience with wine have stopped participating, so I don't find it a place to get real info and suggestions anymore. That's not to say there still isn't some and definitely some people are still around.

I never participated in the forums at shirt.woot. But I have noticed that size wise the shirts fit me a lot better, but why they haven't gone tagless is beyond me. Plus there is no question the quality isn't as good. The hems start to come undone and the necks retain the stretch more than before.


Part II
There are also more places for people to have discussions with the addition of the plus deals and sometimes MANY plus deals going on at the same time on each site. Those are not active enough as I rarely can get people to talk about their experience with items in those deals. I also don't know how active woot pages on facebook are. They are constantly advertising go to facebook to learn about this event or that, etc. Taking conversation off of woot properly is a losing proposition and further segments all the discussion.

I don't think you'll see any efforts made to improve things discussion wise because Amazon is seeing good sales #s and the bottom line is the only thing they care about. Amazon has, to a small extent, hurt both customers and the wineries at wine.woot by taking all the shipping money for themselves, leaving the non woot/amazon entities to cover those expenses.

Too bad more companies don't see the larger picture, like Costco does. $$ isn't everything!!!!!!


@rhycochet: @morriea: @jsimsace: @j5: @thumperchick: @mschauber: Thanks for all the replies. I think that they must be seeing decent sales numbers, but I remember back when this would have way more replies than it has now, and most of the people who were the most active on here I no longer see, it's kind of sad.

Edit #1,000,000: Also, there's no way one popular question would put me up to purple a year ago.