questionsdid you hear best buy is changing to a 15 day…


Bad link.

What was were policy before?


What competitors have a 15 day return policy?

Walmart -- wait, it's 90 days.

Target -- nope, it's 90 days. 120 days if you have a Red card.

Kmart/Sears -- I do believe they have a 90 day policy with exception of air conditioners, gas powered equipment, and jewelry and watches (those are 30 days)

Amazon has a 30 day policy (hassle free mind-you).

Sam's Club - 90 day. From what I gather, they will let you return just about anything for ANY reason. I've seen people return patio furniture after using it all season.

Costco - 90 days as well.

Gamestop allows 30 days.

I suppose that Best Buy is aligning themselves with competitors if (and only if) you consider that none of the above retailers are competing for their business.

Honestly, this is just one more piece of wood on the Best Buy fire that will do them in.


Link has nothing to do with BBs return policy.......
I agree, if true just one more thing to contribute to BBs downward spiral :(


returns are killing them, literally. You oughta read some of the threads on about people buying expensive cameras or tv's and returning them for some really lame reasons. Even people buying/returning so they can rebuy at the open-box discount.

I totally understand why they're doing it, but it's just one more reason I avoid best buy. For the last 5-6 years, I only go there for the occasional great deal on a video game.


I found this I'm not saying its a credible news source, but apparently on March 3d they will slash their return policy from 30 days to 15 days. I honestly don't see it as that big of a deal, I've never waited more than a few days to return something that I wasn't happy with. If it takes you over a month to figure out that something isn't right, then that's on you. I figure anything else I buy will come with some sort of manufacturer warranty; so if it breaks after that two weeks it's on the manufacturer anyhow.


Best Buy just announced they will price match anything someone finds on a website to avoid people checking out a product then buying it cheaper online.


Best Buy keeps giving me reasons not to go there :/


@minkeygirl7: that still won't work well for them since most people don't get charged tax online.


I have a best buy account, I've shopped online and in-store. I travel a lot, on my way to the airport I stopped to buy a Hard Drive. Mind you ....none of the jokers in the Hialeah, FL store mentioned the change in policy. My company provided me a Hard Drive a week later, without me knowing. I returned from my travels and got to the store on the 23 day to return it. The manager would not take it back! Brand new in the box....I was furious..and he didn't care...I'm closing my account and never shopping there again.
I wonder who the genius was that came up with that idea? I'm certain customers will trickle away.


Correction for the above Walmart/target/best buy all have the same wait for it "electronics" return policy. Take your $399 laptop back to Walmart see what happens :). Available product support at Walmart/target hmm.