questionsso, who else still has no power?


I don't live in the area so the storm didn't affect me. My neighborhood is generally the one that always gets power back first even when the others two streets down are out for weeks.

If someone still has no power, how can they answer your question?


@teevoo: there are a few in the chat room that have no power still. they take everything to work with them and charge while there. we had just asked them for signs of life once they made it thru the storms.


Well, we're glad folks are checking in. :)


Much of the state was out Monday night... Mine was out for a few hours unlike last year's 5 days... Didn't get a chance to get the generator and propane grill set up... The last few areas in Mass are supposed to get their power back by tonight (Friday)...

Get a gas grill and cook what you can and throw the rest away...


No power from Sunday at 9PM till 7AM yesterday. I am grateful to the utility crews, turning the lights back on quickly here in the DMV. We were in the dark for nearly a week after June's wind storm.


Dude: empty out the refrigerator. Now. Something that people who have never been though this don't realize:

If you have rotten food that stays in a refrigerator for a long enough period of time (a day or more) the smell will permeate the insulation and porus components of the refrigerator. You can't get that smell out. Ever. No matter what you do. After Ivan (everybody forgets the 2004 storms) thousands of refrigerators had to be disposed of because rotten food stayed in it. I was very lucky in that even though I evacuated a neighbor stayed and she dumped the food as soon as the storm lifted. [Thank you Gail. And I'm very happy to find you are still alive 6 years after your ovarian cancer diagnosis]

There isn't anything that you can gain from keeping it. Get rid of everything, now, clean it as best you can.


A lot of people. I got lucky in this storm somehow most of them time when the power gets knocked out it's out for days and this time it was only 1.5 days. A lot of my family and municipalities are still without power. My drive to work is littered with downed power lines and dead street lights.


My friends had to cancel their wedding plans for this weekend in Long Island, and thus I can had to cancel my travel plans. Certainly a relatively minor inconvenience for me, but I feel bad for them - and worse for the people who have suffered serious damage.