questionsdo you find that spiders are attracted to your…


They're attracted to heat they give off in the winter months. Years ago the IT dept that I worked for was also in charge of the surveillance systems, it was my semi-annual duty to clean out the external camera enclosures. So, many, spiders! We had 8 office locations each with at least 4 exterior cameras. Nothing like being up on a 30 foot ladder with giant spiders crawling all over you.


@eraten: 30 ft. up on a ladder and spiders? Yep, I'm out.


You are a very brave person.


I find criminals attracted to my cameras more than spiders.


@eraten: The 30ft ladder would bother me a whole lot more than the spiders. Although I have both black widow and brown recluse in my house from time to time, so I am a bit more leery of spiders than I used to be.


@eraten: I think the size of the spider is relative to the ease of escape.


Well when you are watching the spider on the camera, they might as well be giant space demons. They glow white and are huge. All I saw the other night was the legs... just the legs... nothing else, just legs in the wind.


Wasps and hornets are more noticeable here. They actually land on the camera enclosure and block the view.