questionsdoes anyone have experience with fabric dying?


I've been really curious about iDye actually, but a bit worried about staining the washing machine (communal laundry room).

I have some stuff I'd love to dye but it seems like such a hassle. What a great question!


I used to dye with the fabric reactive dyes all the time. The results were amazing and so permanent that I could wash the things I dyed in with whites and had no troubles at all. It's been years since I've done it, but I still have a bottle of Synthrapol in my laundry room, I also remember using Urea, but I don't exactly remember all the steps anymore (and I'm at work so unfortunately I can't go in the craft room right now and pull the stuff out). I think it was easier than it seemed or I probably wouldn't have done it, since all we did was primarily tie-dye with it.


@lmensor - I was looking over some nicely detailed instructions from a vendor of fiber reactive dyes. I wonder if this might be similar to the process you used...


@inkycatz - I looked up some reviews on iDye because it sounded so easy. My concern is with the comments from some users saying that the new color washed out afterward. It is hard to tell if the dye didn't take well because of the product or because of the fabric they were attempting to dye! Similar comments about Rit dyes are what has pushed me toward the fiber reactive dye path.


@alpayton: Actually they seem to be more involved than what I did. Here's a link I just found that matches more like I remember:

I do remember the garments needed to be wet when we dyed them, and I remember after getting done with the dye we would wrap them garments in plastic and leave them sit overnight, then wash the next day. We also used plastic buckets.


@lmensor - Thanks, I will check out these alternate instructions!


Dying cotton/linen blend The use of urea is good Here 's a link I found .