questionswhat price difference should warrant a new…


I would say a percent would be a better way to decide. More than a couple percent difference, repost. Less than, at least comment in the deal, any money saved is great.


I think this is more a question of whether a price drop warrants what some would consider to be a duplicate posting.

I run into this frequently when I search previous deals before posting one of my own. So far, my decision has been that if the same item is still available from the same source but for less than the original deal price, then posting it would constitute a duplicate.

(Given this info, though,I still believe that any deal more than X months old should be considered "stale" for purposes of counting as a duplicate. I just can't believe that many people comes to a deal site to search for a specific TV model, so posting the same deal X months later brings it to the attention of a new audience.)


If the "old" price is not valid, RIP the deal and post another. Just my opinion.

This allows the posted deals to be as accurate as possible. Having to dig through the deal to find the "current" price negates what deals.woot is about to me.


i also think anything that says it was posted a year ago should be fair game. this site changes so much within a year, with new members, different trends, etc. what wasn't successful a year ago could be a steal and in demand now


If posting is for the same item, from the same place, at the same price, from the same event, then it is considered a duplicate.
Given the constraints of place and item, that leaves a difference in price or a change in event.
So if the price has changed at all, the former deal should be RIP'd and you should post the new one. At a penny, I personally wouldn't bother.
Likewise, if there was some shift where the price went up but a 20% off deal showed up to make it the same price, it'd still be a fair post.


With Amazon changing their prices so often, the price you post may only be good for 5 mins until it changes by 50¢. I wonder how staff feels about this. I think it is a major waste of staff time, if the price difference is below a certain point. Less than a $1 and I usually don't even notice a price difference. If the deal was posted a long time ago, I can see re-posting but if the deal was posted recently or is a novelty item, I still can't see the sense of re-posting.


Only re-post if the savings is worth the difference in time it takes me to view both or if the savings is less than the cost of internetz you took up.



if (savings > ((time1 - time2) x costOfTime)) OR (savings < costOfInternetz)
then post


I've been searching, how do you RIP an old deal?


@eli111: Open the deal and on the right hand side under the picture (or where the picture should be) is a tattle button. Hit the tattle use the drop-down menu and select expired. Give your reason and hit submit. Once staff receives the message they will get it RIP'd for you.