questionswhat can you tell me about goodjoe shirts and…


It was the first I had heard of them as well, so I don't have personal experience to share... It appears as though it may depend on the design you're choosing.

I'm looking at several and one says its printed on Hanes it seems as though women's run small and this site has a review stating the default brand is "Cygnus for guys, and American Apparel for girls"


Also, according to their twitter feed (on 4 May) they have a free shipping code you may want to try if you were planning on purchasing.
"FREE shipping code: YAYNEWTEE"!/goodjoe


@rooopert2002: Thanks for the information! Now I just have to figure out what the reviews on Cyngus are; I've never heard of them.


@rooopert2002: Wow! Thanks for the code! I tested it and it works, so hope it doesn't expire before I can use it. I didn't want to order more than one before I can look at quality, so free shipping makes the decision easier.


Disregard their sizing chart - Goodjoe prints on AA blanks nowadays. They made the switch last month when they went DTG(*). Some older designs are still on Cygnus blanks, but on the most part, any shirt that offers the 3XL option for guys will be on AA blanks.

Gals have always been AA 2102 blanks, size WS to W2XL.

I posted a comparison between an AA 2001, Cygnus 7000, and Anvil 980 here:

A pic of my recent order of Vile Weed is posted here:

Since shirt.Woot changed their supplier, my spending has shifted over to GJ. Even at the $12 price, the artists get a cut from every sale.

* - DTG means direct to garment, so they're printed as they're ordered, hence the available color options. Just note that you definitely want to wash them before wearing, as part of the printing process is a pre-treatment that has a vinegar-y smell to it.


@narfcake: Thank You!! That is very helpful information!
And thanks again for the Goodjoe lead!


@gionot: My pleasure. You will find many familiar artists there too, as many of them have designs here at Woot also.