questionswhat should i be for halloween?


White sheet. Cut round holes out randomly all over it. Put over your head, carry a brown paper bag, and say "I got a rock" all night long.


I was in the same boat. I wanted something easy and comfortable. Soooooo, the dude abides....


A Wootizen! Just bring your credit card and a big F5 key with you.


One year, I tied an iron to my apron and went as "Iron Chef"

j5 j5

stolen from a website, here's some of my fav cheap options:

-Dress normally. If someone asks, you’re a werewolf. If they ask why you have no hair/fangs, it's not a full moon.
-Safety-pin cheap watches & costume jewelry on the inside of your coat. Be a con man.
-Get a gorilla costume. Get one of those headbands with the springs on it, but remove the silver balls from the end & glue on tiny toy air planes. Carry a little Barbie doll in an evening gown and you’re King Kong. (assuming you already have a gorilla costume at home, of course...)
-Wear a black sweat suit & randomly attach single socks all over you. You’re the sock thief from the dryer.
-Get a round piece of cardboard and cut a hole in the center of it. Get a large foil tray and cut a hole in it, as well as a table cloth with a hole in it. Put the cardboard over your head, then the table cloth so it hangs over your body, then the tray. Place lettuce leaves coming out from around the neck hole. You’re a head on a platter.


white sheet with bunch of holes (or black spots, if you prefer) - charlie brown ghost
fat gaga
yellow t-shirt with red circle/slash drawn on it - lance armstrong

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Static cling is a favorite fall back in our house. Inside-out your sweats and pin various clothing items and fabric softener sheets to yourself.


@dogbountyhunter1: what about going as Dog the bounty hunter?? ;)


Use a retro costume from the '70s: dress as a streaker.


Wear something absolutely crazy and ridiculous that makes absolutely no sense for the occasion and say you're Lady Gaga.


My brother took a women's nightgown, and a cane, walked around stooped and called himself grandma.


Print out an enlarged image of a quarter and tape it to cardboard. Attach it to your back, and put black smudges under your eyes.