questionsi need a good, cheap pair of speakers to improveā€¦


These are the 2.1 speakers I've read the most positive thing about and they are just above 30 dollars right now:

They're a huge seller on amazon and supposedly have great sound for the price. I'm buying them for my computer setup at some point this week.


How do you plan to hook these to your TV?


I see those Vizio sound bars floating around every now and then for under $50, they have a great sound. Have a pseudo surround sound effect which is pretty close to actual surround sound.


@missellienc: i'm sorry, i don't know a/v stuff that well. it is a newer hdtv, so has all the necessary ports.


Hit garage sales, Salvation Army, swapmeets, and get a decent old style stereo. I picked up a giant Sony AV/AM/FM for $20. Only because it was $20, but it was a great deal.
Keep looking, and get some decent speakers. Two smallish mids and tweeters, and two with largish woofers will do.
Hook the stero up to your DVR. This way your remote can operate it separately.
Set it all up, kick back, play something like "Top Gun".


@gidgaf: Thanks, I'll try this for long-term. For now though, I just need a quick fix for superbowl sunday. Thanks though, those are great tips!


@the18thtee84: I have this tv:

Will the soundbar be compatible? Because if so, that seems like a great option.


@angelsgirl2002: I would recommend an A/V Receiver with speakers, a soundbar or a Home Theater in a box. If you just want to use speakers, your TV may not have the necessary 'outputs' since it's a newer TV.

Edit: I just looked at the back of your TV and it does have an 'Audio Out' but I think a soundbar would be a good choice.


@angelsgirl2002: Yes, it will work. You don't have optical audio, so nothing you purchase will have true surround sound, but you do have the typical L R audio, so a sound bar would be a nice choice! I see those VSB200 (I think thats the model) that float around here every now and then. Would have a really powerful sound for the size!


I have no recommendation. I'm just wondering why it is suddenly OK for the TV makers to design TV's with such awful sound.
I have 2 HDTV's in the house. One sounds fine. The other one needed speakers hooked up to it.