questionshow do i get woot to stop texting my iphone with…


I'm not aware that woot offers this service. I wonder if it's wootalyzer that you have set up?


I'm thinking your are getting the daily email from Woot and it is being directed to your iPhone through some setting with your email. If you go to Your Account on a Woot site you can change your notifications or change the email they are sent to. I'm unaware of a Woot notification sent directly to a phone number.


Put your iPhone in a microwave.

If it is a 500-800 watt microwave, set the timer for 51 seconds on high. If it is stronger, then go for 37 seconds on high.

After allowing the microwave to complete its program, your iPhone will no longer receive the texts from woot. (Note, the phone may get very hot. It is best to allow it to cool down for three to five minutes before opening the microwave.)


You've set up your iPhone to receive notifications of some sort. If it's coming as an email and you want to stop the emails, you can go to

And change your Email Preferences & Notifications. Note though that our notifications go out as email. What the email does once it gets to you is based on the settings on your phone.

If you have Twitter, you might be seeing the tweets for @woot when the new products come up. Again though, that would be based on the settings in Twitter.

We do not send messages out to phone numbers. If you're getting it twice, you could be getting emails from two different accounts?

Hope that helps.