questionsdo you leave your xmas lights up all year?


Oh yes, me and the boys love the extra touch of class that Christmas lights bring to the double wide. The lights ensure everyone can see our lawn ornament collection, even at night! Also, it allows us to drum up some moonshine in the back shed without having to turn on a light back there. We also make wind chimes out of beer bottles.


Sorry, a little overboard, but I think it's a bit trashy to leave them up imo. More precisely, I guess, I think it's really trashy to turn them on outside the Christmas season. It quickly goes from making a winter wonderland to a trashy summer eyesore. I think it's well worth the effort to put them up and take them down every season. My parents own a 2500 sq. ft. two story house and it takes us 45 minutes to put them up and less than 20 minutes to take them down.


I certainly do leave mine up all year, but I use the weather-proof silicone strings.

They don't show (unless you look for them) or detract from the appearance. During most of the year I use the string around the eaves for a yard light. We have no street lights, per se, so yard lights are common. During the season, I plug up the extra strings.

Of course, some display are not as discreet as mine.


Back when I owned a house (have an apartment/condo now), we left lights up on the big (18'?) cedar tree in front all year round (I put seven or eight strings of 100 lights on it the first winter we had the house; when not lighted, you couldn't see the strings so why bother to pull them down). We did not put lights on the house itself, though we did decorate (outline) the front facing windows (first and second floors) with lights each year and put a lighted wreath on the front door (real wreath, made from the bottom branches of that year's Christmas tree).

The lights were all on X-10 lamp modules (two for the big tree out front) and I used an old PC and an X-10 Firecracker interface to vary the brightness of all the lights; rarely were they on full bright.


Best of luck to you in your new home - hope you have do have fun decorating it! Though I don't put lights up anymore, in the past I did. They were on hedges & bushes and were taken down each year. Never put any on the house itself. There are huge live oak trees in my area that are beautifully lit w/many, many strings of lights and enormous 'bulb ornaments.' In the past they were left up all year (the lights, not the ornaments). Not sure if all of them are anymore. Do know that one tree was lost as a result of a hurricane. New tree planted & is growing quickly - am hoping the owners light it up this year.


Lights were left up in the azaleas out front when we bought the place 3 years ago and I'm still finding bits of the wire and lights in places just because it's gotten wrapped up and deeper than I suspected into the plants.

I, however, HAVE NOT left mine up year round, though I've got neighbors that do.


Nope, we haven't put up lights at my house in years though


The best advice I can give, is get good clips/clamps & install them properly on your house. The first year it takes forever, figuring out where & how you're going to put your clamps up. Unclipping your lights and take down is a breeze. Year 2 you now know where you need to add extra clips, or if you're going to change something out. Year 3 you're a pro and it takes no time to put up/take down


I don't only because they are not Christmas lights all year round. I do keep my Thanksgiving/Halloween/Birthday/Easter/Christmas/Columbus day lights up though.


I probably would if I put them up, so I don't.

There's a house just down the street that not only leaves them up all year, but leaves them ON all year. I guess they're just festive people.


@cleverett: Where do you live? It sounds like the South. I rarely leave my lights up after January 1st (unless it's too cold to take them down)..and I only put them up on Thanksgiving weekend. It's a tradition around here, y'all.


I don't, but it's not like I put any up either.

My old neighbors had theirs up for 4 years. It only came down because the sun had degraded the plastic clips and eventually they fell down. Thank goodness they did fall down ... the wiring insulation was all brittle from the UV exposure; another season, and their whole house could've been lit up (in flames!).


We put up a lot of lights (yes we're one of "those" people). But I'm extremely anal about taking them down promptly. I've been known to tear down on Jan 1 in below-zero windchills.

We live in an upper-middle class suburb with a lot of really nice houses (many of them much nicer than mine) and I shake my head when I drive around in March and see a totally dead wreath over the garage door, and a tipped-over deer sculpture all on a $750K+ house...


No.. The boxes are down in the basement somewhere under woot specials I have collected. Maybe by the time all the kids graduate from high school, I will find them. Then I will be too old to put them up and have to sell them on ebay as antiques.


UP Thanks giving weekend and DOWN Jan 1st, that is a family tradition we have done for years. Now I have been late taking them down before due to vacation but they are down a short time later. Just one of those people that think its not Christmas lights if they are there all year.


I put them up & take them down every year on the house, but last year I left up the ones on the maple tree out front. It took me HOURS to get them up by myself, b/c I had to keep repositioning the giant heavy ladder by myself. I really hope they work now. :/ I think I might cry if they don't.

I put up all the lights & lawn animals by myself, but pay our handyman to do the 2nd story b/c I'm convinced I'm gonna fall off the roof.

Lights usually come down mid-January. I'm lazy.


We don't put outdoor lights up at all, but this year I kept my little Charlie Brown tree up all year. I'm old enough to do as I damn well please with such stuff, and I like the scraggly little thing.


@magic cave: tsk tsk what does your significant other think of this lol?