questionscan modern flat panel monitors be used as a tv?


If it has speakers built in, it can be used as a TV. It will probably have a greater response time, but it will have a slightly less wide viewing angle.


If you have a 1920x1080 resolution monitor (1080p) then yes, it can easily be used as a tv, but what the poster above me said is correct. You might not have built-in speakers, and may not have the greatest viewing angle. Obviously, there is also no built-in tuner for over-the-air reception. But it should work just fine with a cable/satellite box. Other resolutions should also work as well, but the 1080p will be the natural fit.


I wouldn't bother. 32 inch LCD tv's can be had for $250 these days. I braved the black friday lines and got a 32 inch for $188.


Awesome all. I've been looking for a TV, but just had the random thought that I don't HAVE to limit my searching. My current setup is cable box, XBOX, etc etc all connected to my receiver, with one HDMI input into the TV. All sound goes through the receiver to the surround speakers, so that isn't a worry. Though a monitor the size i'd look for would probably be more $ than a TV, it was more of an iteresting "Hmm - Wonder if..." question to me.

Thanks again!


As has been mentioned before, monitors today are basically TVs without the tuner.

That being said, you may have to watch out for wider viewing angles on TVs than on monitors.


Agree with the posters above that as long as you are using a box, be for cable or satellite, you should be fine. I would think about getting an hdmi switch if you are going to do that though.