questionswhat's your favorite harlem shake video?


OK, not a big fan but I have seen a few funny ones. This one brings back memories:


i have a problem with most "harlem shake" videos as none of the participants are actually doing the harlem shake.

i prefer this one instead:

@jsimsace: that video is cute and peanuts


the only one I liked was the simpsons. Any real human doing this needs to be forcibly sterilized and smacked a few times.
Now if you REALLY want to be hip, you've gotta DROP IT LIKE A COW.

Asking for a favorite harlem shake video is sort of like asking "what's your favorite form of cancer?"


I have yet to watch a single harlem shake video. I've been ignoring this fad.


honestly, why are people down-voting and being so negative? It's like 32 seconds of harmless fun that people enjoyed. Sorry someone's idea of fun is up to your standards of fun. If this modern Harlem Shake effected you in any way fine, but it doesn't. Live and let live. Jeez, such downers.