questionssweetest day??? does any one observe this…


According to a co-worker they celebrated this day in Ohio. When she lived there she learned all about it.


I am not a big fan of the "holidays" made up by Hallmark as marketing tools. For instance, Mother's Day. Shouldn't everyday be Mother's day? Why should I wait all year round for some day in May to show my appreciation for my mother. She brought me into this world and darn it, I am so happy for this every single day of my life. And it only starts there.


@lavikinga: "or is this just another grab for money being made by retailers?"

I think you answered your own question there...


I had never really heard a lot about this "holiday" when I lived in Texas, but now that I've moved up north, I've noticed that the grocery stores here run advertisements on "Sweetest Day specials" (flowers, chocolate). I don't think I've met someone who actually celebrates, though. [Edit: Okay, the wiki link says "celebrated primarily in the Great Lakes region" - well, I guess that would explain it ;)]

But I do agree with @sgoman5674 that it's kind of silly to designate a single day for appreciation of your mother/father/SO/etc when you shouldn't be waiting to show them you care!


I thought Saturday, Oct 16th was Boss's Day. Boy, am I confused.


@lavikinga: Let me add my vote to "Yet Another FAKE Holiday" that you suspected was true all along.

If anyone wants to celebrate anything, how about declaring today as the day when the mine was sealed, and the miners (and the team of six rescuers) freed. I spent a perfectly lovely day inside, yesterday, unable to leave the television. Watching the last three miners come out, I realize that I was so exhausted in part because I was tensing with the effort to pull them out of the ground by sheer force of will. I could not tear myself away until the last, so very brave, rescuer was out of the ground, clutched in the arms of his team members above.

How could anyone could watch that and not be moved to tears? I don't cry easily, and I'm not particularly sentimental, and yet my heart is still filled.

Sweetest Day? Fooey on such silliness.


@shrdlu: I have to admit logging some time watching the the rescue but purely to see if the wives and sweethearts ("...may they never meet," so ends an old Navy toast) came to blows. That's about as reality TV as I get. Seems that more than one of these miners had mistresses, girl friends, not-so-ex-wives and extra babies. It's like a Chilean "Peyton Place!"

I like Mother's Day because my family is so screwy about how they've celebrated it over the years. I'm STILL getting bizarre handmade cards and my youngest are 22. Dinner is always interesting too.


At our house we specialize in made up holidays. It started 20 or so years ago with the book Wacky Wednesday by Dr. Seuss. The kids never knew what holiday it would be when they woke up. Red Shirt Thursday. Walk Backwards Day. Celebrate the Beach Day. Green Eggs & Ham Day.

And dun dun DUN - Write ONLY in Cursive day. They were not fond of that one.

Every holiday demanded a hand made card and celebration. We're a yoonique bunch.


@klutzyruth: When my children were little and their Dad was away on cruise we would have colored food day. They would pick the color and I would do my best to make it happen. I think they're favorite was Orange Food Day. Carrots, oranges, Kraft Mac & Cheese, cantaloupe, and if I used the right seasonings, even orange colored chicken. Blue Food Day was rough.


@lavikinga: This post is the first I've ever heard of this holiday. Yes, clearly a shameless attempt by the card-sellers and flower-hawkers to sell their wares ...

... unless, of course, this day is celebrating the illustrious career of former Bears running back Walter Payton, so good that in his day he was known as "Sweetness". In which case this is a great and most worthy day.


@lavikinga: Blue would be tough!
It's much easier nowadays. Purple carrots, orange cauliflower, black tomatoes.
The kids are 23 & 25. They get excited about any food that mom cooks them. lol
It's - hiMomWhatsinthefridge - walking past me. I need to change door locks.


Try doing a little research before calling things "Hallmark" holidays. While I agree some of the holidays have gone WAY to commercial they were NOT "made up", or intended to be a way for card companies to profit. They have history, and all holidays were named as such to honor people, or because of religions, and are part of history going back hundreds of years.

I do find it amazing that people who can take the time to complain about something on a comment board cannot take the time to do a simple google search that would actually give them a factual answer to their questions.

awww, but perhaps facts are not required.


@kimbe204: Wow! Who messed with your cheerios? Lighten up, Leeroy.

It's a phrase. Actually, it's an excellent phrase, pointing out when a holiday is not really a holiday, but more an opportunity to sell greeting cards/flowers/candy/jewelry. I will point out that several people pointed out various descriptions, and the Wikipedia entry is IN THE DESCRIPTION FOR THE QUESTION. Yes, I was yelling.

So, you want to celebrate it? Go right ahead and celebrate whatever it is that you want, but make no mistake, cookie, some holidays are pretty much the invention of the land of Hallmark ::cough::Boss's Day::cough:: and no amount of your laying on the floor, crying and kicking your heels and banging your head is going to change it.

Thanks for lecturing us about Google, when it's clear that you hadn't even read the prior comments. Sweetest Day doesn't go back hundreds of years, and it's certainly not a religious holiday. Next?


@kimbe204: As I said above, I had read about the holiday after being sent an advert from a florist. I had never heard of Sweetest Day until this morning and was inquiring as to possible participation by other people here on Deals. Was it really a regional observance as stated in the wiki article or was it a regional encouragement from local businesses in that region to drum up business. So next time before getting your self in a twist over a perceived lack of googling skills, read the damned question all the way through before making assumptions.


I have come to embrace this deeply religious day, and want to wish everyone a jolly one. In honor:


@gwintner: Allie's postings are few and far between but boy, they're worth waiting for. There's just something about those drawings of hers.


@shrdlu: ahem I celebrate boss' day - he likes chocolate, I like chocolate, he gets chocolate. Guess who else gets to eat that chocolate????


Yea Sweetest Day is pushed really hard up here in Ohio. Back in Junior High and High school, they used to have flowers for sale in the school that could be delivered to your "sweeties" classroom. That and there is a lot of local advertising from grocery, card and jewelry stores promoting it. It is pretty strong in Ohio.

I dont celebrate it and never have. Still get dirty looks from my wife because I refuse to do anything special on Sweetest day.

Worthless made-up holiday if you ask me.


I never heard of Sweetest Day - however, I am all for it as it pertains to receiving chocolate!