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Good luck and best wishes to anyone in the path of the storm. I am sitting here hoping desperately that the 20% chance of precipitation for this weekend will manifest in some actual rain at my house; it's been since Thanksgiving that we last had rain. They have finally released some water into the Rio Grande from the dam in the neighboring state, but I hear it's only 5% of the water the farmers got for irrigation last year, the dry riverbed is drinking it all, and if any of it actually makes it to the farms it's likely to be too salty to use. Meanwhile people are literally drowning in other parts of the state. I hope that everyone in your neck of the woods stays safe and dry.


Lots of rain (about 8" in the past 2 days) & wind (gusts of up to 40mph) in Central Florida. What I've always called a typical storm for this time of year. Not unusual.The current trend to maximize (read: dramatize) the weather started when they began naming every storm. Oh, and TV stations weather reports take place in the Severe Weather Center. Yes, the weather center is titled Severe. Year round. Even w/blue skies and temps in the 80's.

This is a Tropical Storm. My intent is not marginalize it. There will be limbs/trees downed, tornados and flooding. Just sayin' this is to be expected here. Please stay safe if you're in the direct path of this storm.


Well last night in upstate SC we got dumped on (unrelated to TS) and our yard flooded to knee high depth. Put my car in the shop for the next week and caused all kinds of problems. (Flash floods.) We are expecting more rain tonight and not impressed and not looking forward to the next couple days.


Jax FL here, turned off the sprinkler 2 days ago and enjoying 2"+ of rain today. I'll save a couple 1,000 gallons off the water bill this month.

I hope the lake region South of here around Keystone Heights received a lot of rain - they need it bad. So far 18" this year and 4" this month - but oh so much more is needed.


Thankful it's not heading toward South Louisiana. This is predicted to be a big hurricane year, so I'm sure we'll see our share. Andrea doesn't seem to be a huge one, but there's a lot of wind and water out there so stay safe!


12:45am EDT, early Friday morning. Still raining off and on, still windy with occasional blustery gusts, the storm is currently as close to "right on top of us" as it's going to get, and she's headed NNE along the US coast.

@xarous, looks as if you may get some of the blow-by. Hope she stays small and squallish for you.


@magic cave: 24 hours later, it is now 89, windy and 50/50 sun clouds. Other than the big puddles and some down tree branches - no real issues.


@kbsig106: YAY! I'm glad to hear you came through essentially unscathed. Now if only the rest of the season can be so moderate...