questionsdo you know who's birthday it is today?


@conanthelibrarian: I honestly do not know where I would be without the internet. I know my job, finances and social life would be completely different.


Was the first public web page this one?

It doesn't exist today but a later archived version can be found here:


So this is the day the "I Have No Life" Phase of my life began.


@cengland0: Both those links work just fine. I think there was something before then, but this was the update.

Funny, I always think of WWW as the first sign of the apocalypse, with The September that Never Ended representing the Apocalypse.

I miss Usenet, which we used to call Net News.

I'd say that the first web sites that started to see traffic from more than just random crazy geeks were in 1994. I can remember how exciting it was when there were ONE HUNDRED sites. I think I still have source code around somewhere for an early httpd; dang, now I REALLY feel old.


Man, missed that edit window by seconds. Not 1994, 1993.

"Mosaic takes the Internet by storm (22 Apr); WWW proliferates at a 341,634% annual growth rate of service traffic. Gopher's growth is 997%."

(From Hobbes' Internet Timeline)


@shrdlu: I know I checked that first link today and it didn't work when I posted it. I bet they had a bunch of people trying to check it out so they put it back online.


Congratulations to Al Gore on his wonderful creation 22 years ago. I'll bet he's a proud papa today!


@dealseekerdude: Ha ha. I saw an interview with him lately where he claims he never said he invented the internet. So I hunted down the video and it's true that he doesn't say he invented it but he does say he "created" it. Somewhat misleading because those words are synonyms in my opinion and the opinion of the thesaurus.


@cengland0: They don't really mean the same thing. It's the essential difference between patent and copyright. Artists create art, but very few of them invent it. I have created a lot of oil paintings, jewelry, sculptures, but I certainly didn't invent them. I will be creating a lot of documents on my computer today, but I will not be inventing them. Invention is a one time thing. Creation is an ongoing process. We are, in a minuscule way, "creating the internet" as we write here online. You might see it as parsing words, but to me it is an important distinction.