questionshave you ever had a ted sandwich at your work?


If by Ted sandwich, you mean a broken URL, then yes. All the time. Thanks boss!


If you post the correct URL I can fix it.


@faughtey: It's a good URL, if it's the same now as when you saw it.


edit: After a little test, it seems Deals.Woot hates @shawnmiller, I'm getting this error page consistently.


@chris12345: dilbert doesn't work, google does

yeah the URL works, just not directly from woot. copying/pasting into a new tab takes you right to it. i even tried pasting it into a comment and when i clicked, i got the same error as clicking above or

turns into


The community fridge at work always had about thirty different bags of lunch, and the same guy's was always stolen. One day it was laced with a laxative, and we all waited and watched, hilarious.

Now must go check the links for TED sandwich. Question was a reminder and made me chuckle.