questionsmy pc crashed and i lost my bookmarks - help me…


Try this one:

If you use Firefox and/or Chrome, add an extension called Xmarks. It will save your bookmarks on their servers and sync them between multiple browsers and locations of your choosing. You can also log on to their site, display your bookmarks, and navigate that way if you're on someone else's system. It also works with IE and Safari, but I've never tried it on those browsers.


@tbgolladay: Both Firefox and Chrome have built-in syncing features if you turn them on and sign up for an account.


Here's a link to a similar question from a year ago. A favorite of mine is emails from an a$$hole.


"best of craigslist" is always good. i also go to once in a while. they have random cool and sometimes funny things there.


Having a backup isn't really helpful for re-finding everything, but I'll keep it in mind for the future. I don't like Chrome's version of it as it assumes I only have 1 gmail account, as far as I can tell. I have a number of them that I keep separate on purpose and log in and out of them very often through the day, which I think would mean that I'd have issues with the Chrome backup/sign-in option. Can anyone confirm that?

@unclefrog: Man do I love me some XKCD. Thanks for the reminder!


@omnichad: Xmarks syncs across multiple browsers, that's why I recommend it.


@unclefrog: xkcd is my favorite. I also just started reading Penny Arcade because of the couple of parodies xkcd has done, I'm now addicted.


I have The Meta Picture bookmarked: Usually check it every day for giggles...over 3000 pages of funny. :-D


Thanks everyone for your input. I appreciate your time and effort :)


I approve of most of these links. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned


Here are some more links from a second question by the same user. I also like the Epic Amazon Reviews thread as a good laugh.


fff I made a reply and then somehow closed the comment window :(

What! Nobody has posted Meat Spin yet?

Do you have the YueTubes bookmarked? ( If you haven't heard of that site it's pretty great.
Also you need

2012 was the year the best simulator games were made--actually I mean the year the best simulator game dubstep mash ups remade.

Farming Simulator 2012

Train Simulator 2012

Bear Grylls lesser known arch nemesis (Cyanide and Happiness makes funny daily comics)

Star Trek + Acid = futuristic awesome