questionshas anyone ever won money off of those shopping…


Nope. But I always figured my chances were around the same as winning the lotto.


No, but that doesn't stop me from trying again. Like the lottery, but prepaid.


I only do the ones that give me free food or a coupon for my next visit.


Nope. But, I do the survey for Subway noted at the bottom of my receipt, and get the free cookie next time I go in :-)


No, but I do know somebody who did win $10k from Qdoba, the burrito chain, from doing the survey. So at least some of them are legit!


Nope. But I usually only do them when I want to make sure that the person who helped me gets credit for being awesome.


Yeah. Got $100 Visa gift card from Sonic for doing a survey.


Nope. The ones for restaurants tend to be managed by a national survey company. The drawings are among all the entries they received from ALL the restaurant chains that employ them. So your odds are a lot smaller than you'd expect, especially since some of them are multinational survey companies and you're also fighting against Canadians for a chance to win.