questionshas anyone tried the nbc olympics iphone or…


It's NBC so I'm trying to avoid it. The online streaming on my PC has been a pain in the ass.


If you don't subscribe to cable TV you can't watch, anyway. They advertise it as free to watch, but it is only if you subscribe to their station already. I don't get how they call that free.


I give it a resounding meh. Mostly, I used it to check the medal count and news while I was watching. It's not the most intuitive, nor does it has easy access to what is going on.


I installed it on my iPad2. Buggy as anything. Freezes, laggy-loading of all thumbnails and error messages which cannot be tapped out of, necessitating a soft reset to use the application again...

I'm not happy with NBC this year.


While it is nice to be able to watch (almost) any sport at (almost) any time, it seems like they wont let you watch replays of the popular sports like gymnastics and swimming, which is annoying. I also don't think that you can watch regular NBC simulcast with the app, which doesn't make any sense because you can watch CNBC, NBCSN, Bravo, etc. Who knows though? As mentioned before, it's not the most intuitive, so maybe it's just hiding somewhere and I haven't found it yet. Also, it should be mentioned that most sports don't have any announcers, which can be kind of nice, but at the same time, it makes things like handball unwatchable, since I have absolutely no clue what's going on.


@ruger9mm: "I don't get how they call that free."
Exactly! I was quite enthusiastic about the prospect until I realized it still meant I couldn't actually watch because of that limitation. :( Hey, not everyone wants or needs cable tv, they just want to catch some sports.


I'm using the iPad app with my dad's cable login. I don't subscribe to cable myself. The app was pretty lousy the first day. It kept locking up, or the videos wouldn't play. Now it's working great. The best part is watching a majority of the olympics without commentary! Yesterday I watched Senegal vs. Uruguay in soccer. It was an amazing match. Senegal, even being a man down for most of the game, owned Uruguay! I'm watching men's gymnastics right now. Watching live with no commentators is the way to do it!