questionswhatever happened to


I think they shut down.

Googlegear (and later ZipZoomFly) was my favorite place to buy computer parts for a very long time - I even have one of their ceramic golf ball-like jars on my desk to hold all my small screws and fasteners.

They were great early on (early 2000's), but from reading the Reseller Ratings reviews they went downhill toward the end. I mean like subterranean downhill. Their BBB accreditation was revoked and they were accused of rampant rebate fraud.


@durkzilla: That's a shame. They were right up there with newegg but with free shipping on most items. So why is the site "under construction" instead of "out of business" or something else?

I have my own retail license and I tried to find a product worthy of reselling but my wholesaler couldn't beat zipzoomfly's prices so I decided to not sell anything. Why would someone buy from me when my cost price direct from the distributor was higher than the retail price that zipzoomfly was charging?

Anyway, I never had a bit of trouble with them and would buy from them again if they didn't shut down.


@cengland0: I wouldn't buy from them again after reading the litany of complaints from people who have been ripped off. Times change, and apparently with time something went horribly wrong at ZipZoomFly.

I don't know why they would have a placeholder up for the domain - maybe someone bought the brand name (like when TigerDirect bought the names CompUSA and Circuit City), but I think the amount of damage done to that brand over the last several years of operation are reason enough to let it die.