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Don't waste your time or money with Red Cross. The CEO takes a 400,000/year salary, and they charge aid workers for food and terrible coffee. Try an organization that is actually putting every single cent back into the communities that need help.


How much has Facebook itself pledged?


@dows: Sorry, that is inaccurate. Red Cross remains one of the most efficient and effective organizations on the ground.

See the ratings at Charity Navigator, an unbiased data-driven source:

The CEO of Red Cross, a multi-billion dollar organization, takes less home with only a $400k salary and no bonus nor equity. Someone with the responsibility of any commercial organization at this level makes a lot more. I personally would not want any one incompetent to run Red Cross.

There is always overhead, for any non-profit. Claiming 100% goes to the victims is actually a standard red-flag for most. I sit on the Board of a few non-profit (voluntarily, non-paid Board member), and I manage my family's philanthropic activities. I know this space very well.

I can't find the 990 Non-profit form for this Death Valley organization you posted and hence I can't verify their claims. Could you show me?


@jsimsace: No idea. Why does it matter? They helped, in a very scalable and expandable way. That's worth a lot. My guess is that Red Cross would receiver well over a million from facebook's effort alone.


Ask a military veteran what they think of the Red Cross.

I'm sure countless other vets share my view that donations go to any organization other than RC.


@rh48: Why, because no free donuts? That's ridiculous. Holding a grudge against an organization that does so much good because of something so petty is just sad and pretty pathetic. Full disclosure: I'm a vet and have no problem paying for what I eat. Why don't you see what a former POW has to say? I'm pretty sure they'd tell you about how those Red Cross packages were pretty important while they were held captive.


@rh48: There's a whole list of other organizations in the image I posted above; please feel free to donate as much as you can to those organizations if you have personal issues with the Red Cross.

Thank you!

Not directed at rh48: I wonder who on Earth would vote this post down, seriously?