questionshow do you talk to someone in customer support?


@inkycatz: i know! it totally just came to me out of nowhere.


How in the world does someone get 100+ woots without figuring out that Woot doesn't have telephone-based support?


I have bought lots of crap on this site. My first need for "the lack of a support team". I actually had Daniel in support email asking me what was the problem with no specific contact email back to him, really. All I can do is send another support request and get another case number, DUMBEST SUPPORT SETUP EVER. Which is making me rethink my praise and love for this site. By far the worst support of any website I have ever dealt with. Orders filled with completely the wrong crap, I received stuff I didn't order at all and no one has responded after 5 days. What is the point for case numbers at all if you have to respond with support again then they give you another case and then another and then another and then all I am left to do is contact my credit card company and have charges removed, brilliant. Then maybe support will email me and I will respond in kind, with a case number. So I get the charge removed and keep the crap they sent me. Till someone calls me. Laptop cushions anyone?