questionscan you find red hots candy in your area?


Wow, sounds good, care to share a recipe or two.

Btw: I hope you fine them :)


If you can't find red hots themselves have you tried looking in with the sprinkles in the baking aisle? I know cake mate makes a small container of cinnamon candies like red hots, though I haven't done a comparison taste test to know how close they are, I just stocked them.

Here's a pic to help you find them:


I bought some a few weeks ago at Target's Xmas clearance, in the baking section.

They do have some at amazon, but they're probably more than you need and more than you want to spend.


I have half a bag left over from Christmas. I'll share them. LOL


I just bought some at the Dollar Tree a couple of days ago! They were just hanging up with the other bagged candy.


Try Dollar Tree if you have them in your area. Since you use a lot and are looking to stock up, if they don't have them, you can get them shipped to the store for free from their website:

It's $24 for a case of 24 seven ounce packages.


I'm wondering why we can't get Redhots in the 77566 area??? It seems like win the guy died that is when we stopped getting them, (Ferrara Pan was his name)If anyone has an answer it would be great..


@janalw: welcome to deals.woot. we are always happy to have new members. just a few things you might want to know: you can turn on an option to get notice anytime your name is mentioned, if you ask a question you are automatically subscribed to get any posted answers to the question, and questions are left up basically forever so people can look thru for research purposes. lots of people here like/need to be able to rely on the community for help and finding out general information and opinions is a great option. we tend to only answer questions/responses for about two days, but since i was the original poster i still got your answer on my question. what i found was that after the valentine season i did start finding red hots in the everday candy section at walgreens in a 3 pound bag prepriced for $5.00.