questionscan anyone attest to the leak resistance of lock…


Yes, they are both leak and air proof. Those 4 clamps guarantee this. Even after a few months, I can fill them with water, clamp it and shake it upside down with no problems.

I will warn that your mother should take the lid off before microwaving anything. Not just unclamping, I don't think the plastic top is microwave safe at all.


Cant really attest to the leak proof of the glass ones, but the plastic ones are incredible. I have put a lot of marinades in the lock and locks and have never had a single drop spill (even upside down). They are awesome!


I pack my hubby all of his lunch foods in plastic LNL's, but I include a ceramic or glass bowl/plate for micro heating. As much as I love the idea of glass LNL's and reheating, I have a lot of experience with glass chips on edges of various glass containers when they start traveling outside of my kitchen.


Glass ones seem as leakproof as my plastic ones - which is to say, quite leakproof!


LNLs are all I use for food storage. I have glass, porcelain and plastic ones. With the exception of the plastic one gallon beverage container, they have never leaked. The beverage container locks on only two sides, which is why it is not leak proof. When shaking it, I always hold it over the sink. Still, I love it. It doesn't leak when pouring.


I've used mine to marinate my food. Dump the sauce in and shake the containers like crazy. No leaks.


No problems with mine either. They have yet to leak all over my lunch bag :)


Glass is soooooo 1875......


So, you guys think LNL will hold the olive oil dressing for my salad without leaving stuff all over my bag?


@thumperchick: I can tell you the plastic ones won't leak. I used to take moldy stuff and liquids for science class experiments and never had a leak. Smells and messy cleanup, yes. (See the related comment thread on removing seals and bleach cleaning.) But no leaks -- even dropped or upside down.

I believe the porcelain ones don't claim to be leakproof.

Still haven't tried the glass ones. But I think I will. But will have to wait for the next sale -- missed this one after all!