questionswhat are you going to do with your extra daylight…


I'll start to pine for how it was better when the days were longer. :)


School let out early, so took the kids on a nice long walk. We had weird clouds today ahead of our next typhoon. So neither of us could come up with a good shape in the cloudy skies as we enjoyed our stroll. But we also visited the local bakery, taking in the lovely smell of fresh-baked breads and bought some tasty rolls to go with dinner.


I'll be waiting it out. It's been 104F all week, so I have to wait till sunset when the temp drops below 90 to take my dog walking. Not complaining, though. I love the sunshine. I just wish it was a little less intense.


I'll have an extra beer while listening to my favorite baseball team.


I'll be celebrating the solstice by flying to Florida today, actually!


@moondrake: We're not quite into the 100's yet, but it's only a matter of time. These are actually the days that I dread, when it's hot but you know it's only going to get hotter for the next couple of months. I know October will get here just seems like so far away right now.


@druke: Agreed, it seems like too soon for the days to start getting short again.


@eraten: Are you just waxing or actually have a favorite team? Go Brewers!


I'd say go out and enjoy the sun but... Seattle...


@gt0163c: Our first triple digit day of the year is forecast for Monday. :(