questionsdo you have any suggestion in a better set of…


porter cable:

love my set. paid more than the 130 they are asking now, and would buy it again. you can upgrade to the lithumion battery for 200.


@moosezilla: Good deal, indeed. That's a lot of tools for very little.

Do you think that the Porter Cable tools are of a better quality than the Rockwell?


@lll0228: i have no idea about rockwell. never even heard of them before. i know that i have the portercable nicad big set and the lithiumion little set. the batteries are interchangable. and they can survive a lot (one drill fell off the roof of a three story house and just broke the casing a bit, still works perfectly). they are the go to tool of choice at my house. i will tell you that the circlesaw does use thru battery power quickly, but the drills, hammerdrill, and reciprocating saw use at a reasonable rate. my biggest problem is remembering where i left them when it is time for the next job.


@moosezilla: Rockwell is a very respected tool manufacturer. Details here.