questionsso when is the next apocalypse supposed to happen?


July 8th, 2016, this one will be a doozy.


Never. Sorry, you're stuck with us.


It already happened. We're all dead, we just don't know it because our consciousnesses are cached on Google's Cloud servers on the moon. #thematrixisreal #mayandoomsdayfailuredenier


According to many scientists, around 5 Billion AD the sun will expand into a red giant and swallow the earth up.

Of course, today's scientists base these kinds of calculations and estimations around swiss-cheese theories that are more open ended than most contemporary RPGs.


@inkycatz: Yeah. I pretty much figured that the day the apocalypse will happen is the day after every Wooter says "It was the BEST WOOT-OFF EVER!" and no one complained about a shirt's artist/design/fitment/quality/price at all.


When woot sells a desktop PC and nobdy mentions that you can build a better PC for less.


If you prefer less a technologically inclined apocalypse:
All of Yellowstone National park is basically a thin layer covering the mouth of a giant volcano whose next eruption will make a good chunk of the US uninhabitable.

For those on the east coast thinking they are safe from massive volcanic events there is the series of 100-200 foot tall waves travelling at 600+ mph that will hit the East coast 6 hours after an island off the coast of Africa decides to erupt will make superstorm Sandy look like a light drizzle.


I'm guessing one of the asteroids that have been buzzing by us lately will be the next major apocalypse, but you can't put a date on it because some aren't discovered until a couple of days before a near miss.