questionswhat was your favorite super bowl commercial?


Didn't watch the game...but, as I mentioned in another question, I LOVE the Clydesdale ad. I tear up each time I see it.

Other commercials may be viewed here. I have not viewed all of them. :-)


For some reason I always like the M&M commercial.


@mistamoose: :-D At first I thought it meant the 'state' of Montana. Have a couple of friends who live there. Joe? Not a friend.


@linkage89: Yes! Funny. There are things I wouldn't do either. ...Though dark chocolate M&Ms are very compelling!


Kind of a let down this year IMO.

But if I Had to pick one it would be the Sketchers one.

About time the game was more interesting them the commercials.


I didn't watch the game, but looked up and watched all the ads. The only one I really loved was the Budweiser one!


I liked the taco bell one where the seniors were having adventures with the Spanish version of "we are young" was playing in the background.


@baybei: Which budweiser one? They had like 5. I'm guessing Clydesdale?


I thought the Paul Harvey commercial was good, but that could be because I miss " The Rest of the Story."


The GoDaddy "Kiss" commercial made me laugh the hardest...


Ears definitely perked up to hear M&M's playing Meatloaf. Then the "but not that...or that..." part made me laugh.


@gmwhit: That one is a tearjerker. I love all the clydesdales commercials. I think my all time favorite is this one:


Am I the only one anywhere who enjoyed Coke's nod to:
Lawrence of Arabia
Every Cowboy movie ever
Mad Max
Priscilla Queen of the Desert (which made me laugh)

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I also liked the Taco Bell commercial. Nosotros somos jovenes....


@jsimsace: coke addressed the allegations to the satisfaction of the offended parties.

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Budweiser - Clydesdale
Taco Bell - Seniors Home
Dodge Ram - Paul Harvey's Farmer Story

Those are probably my top three.
The GoDaddy one this year was just sick; not hot, not funny, just sick.


I thought the Got Milk? commercial featuring The Rock was the best. I also enjoyed the Joe Montana stain and the goat Doritos commercial.


i'll add another vote for the M&Ms commercial. i also thought the Hyundai "Team" ad was cute and funny.


I'm a sucker for wolf pup was by far the best.


I enjoyed most of the car commercials.
The prom/bravery one gave me that "nice job, bro" feeling.
The punch line at the end of the Epic Playdate one was clever.
Enjoyed The Rock's milk commercial.
I sat there for a long time trying to figure out why We Are Young was in Spanish (and since I don't listen to the radio much, trying to remember what song it was) and then laughed my head off.
Cried actual tears during Oprah's USO commercial and the Clydesdale.