questionsa female nfl ref?


I learned about it this morning on sport.woot! - thanks @pemberducky.

(This is as much as I know about football. I tend to like the other football better - aka soccer.)


I heard that their menstruations attract da Bears.

Actual answer: I don't watch football, but if she's qualified then it doesn't matter.


i offered to step up as a replacement ref, but for SOME REASON goodell refused. can you believe it?!

since the nfl wouldn't have yours truly, i'm psyched to see another card-carrying (flag-carrying?) ladygal out there with the boys. maybe that will be a positive side effect of this ridiculous ref rigmarole.

incidentally!! if you guyez ever venture into sport.woot, you should totally comment in my football thread that inky linked to, because i like football and talking about football. obviously, i've no qualms talking to myself about it, but hey, more = merrier.

i really like football. did i mention that?


@pemberducky: sport.woot is for jocks. i never go thar!

no1 no1

What's wrong with a female ref? Equality started a few decades ago, and it was long overdue then.


A female referee should be required by Title IX to make as many poor calls and be just as blind as their male counterparts.


Next thing you know, they'll want to vote!!

I think making bad calls during important games is a cross-gender opportunity.


I was not aware of this. Women everywhere should be thanking this woman for crossing this barrier.