questionshow old is too old to wear a halloween costume?


You're never too old for Halloween. There is a phase where you get too old for trick-or-treating, but you're never too old to dress up!


There is reason adult costumes are made. It is silly to think there is an age limit.


Agree with first response. You are never too old to dress up but if you are out of grade school (8th grade) you are too old to trick or treat.


However old you are when you die. That's how old is too old!

Though continuing past there could make for some seriously creepy costumes....


I agree, you are never too old to dress up for Halloween. Trick or treating, I guess it's possible to be too old for that, but isn't that why people have kids? So they can go trick or treating with them, then eat half their candy?


When you are old enough to ask this question. Then again, I am a party pooper.


Why would there ever be an end-date for enjoying a holiday? If Halloween costumes are your thing, why would you stop?

I may not trick-or-treat (never did, actually), but whenever I'm so inclined, I dress up for the trick-or-treaters. Heck, I dress up my yard & house for Halloween, why not me too?


I don't mind older kids trick or treating, as long as they're wearing an actual costume. I figure if they went to the trouble of putting together a good costume, I can cough up some candy. My problem with the trick or treating older kids are the ones who are dressed in regular clothes (perhaps with some white face paint--why is that so universal?) appearing on my porch with a pillowcase full of candy. Disapprove.


@quailman: Yeah, you wouldn't need the costume :)


13-17 Once you reach 13 you are 'too old', once you reach 18 it is on like Donkey Kong (note Donkey Kong not a good outfit for an 18 year old, unless you are sneaking drinks.)


I don't mind the dressing up but I do mind the 16-18 year olds that come by my house in a sweatshirt and a pillow sheet looking for candy. That is kind of the main reason I started being away from the house on Halloween, the kids were cute but the teenagers were annoying.


When I can I wear a costume when I answer the door on Halloween. The kids like it. And I second the "annoying teen ager" thoughts. Somewhere around 12-14 you are too old to old to go out, stay home and help at home.


Age doesn't matter to me. No costume? No candy.


I agree that you're never too old to wear a costume. I love Halloween, and have many friends older than me who also love it and dress up.

I agree that ideally you stop ToT after 8th grade. My oldest has found a workaround, though - she dresses up in costume, then takes her youngest sister out ToT-ing and then she can "legitimately" ToT.

I give candy to anyone who comes to my house. Partly because I figure if they have a costume, they deserve candy, and if they have the guts to go up to the door without a costume they should get candy, and finally the teens without costumes might egg my house if I don't give them candy.